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Lance Leipold Suggests He Will Use Two Quarterbacks For Nevada

You know what they say about assumptions right?

In his first outing as a Buffalo Quarterback senior Iowa State transfer Gran Rohach went only three for nine, got sacked three times, and threw two interceptions. Those two interceptions led to points and, in the end, were a huge factor in the game.

Freshman Tyree Jackson came in during the second quarter and nearly led the team to victory.

After UB's painful loss to Albany many assumed the future belonged to Tyree Jackson.Well they might be wrong.

At today's press conference Buffalo head coach Lance Leipold told the media he plans to go with two quarterbacks and has not yet decided who his starter is going to be.

Buffalo takes on Nevada this Saturday, in Reno. The game kicks off at 9:00 pm on the east coast and will be carried by the Mountain West Network on Campus Insiders.

I'm honestly blown away by this decision. Unless Rohach is substantially better than Jackson, which is doubtful given what happened in Albany, then it's better to play the freshman and make him the guy who leads this team for the next two (derp) three seasons.

If Rohach comes out on fire and torches Nevada guys like me will have a big plate of crow to eat off of. But if UB loses a close game and there are some mistakes by the Senior then Leipold is burning a lot of his good will with the Buffalo fan base.