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Goal by Goal: Records fall in Men’s Soccer’s 9-0 win over Daemen

Men’s Soccer beat Daemen yesterday 9-0. It was a little fun and a little unsporting, but also fruitful if you’re into to grabbing gifs of UB goals, as I am.

Goal 1: Place breaks the seal off a corner

Enstrom doesn’t meet the ball high enough to get it on frame, but does a good job corralling it and getting it to Place, who has room and a view of the net. Notice the slight lead towards the center of the field in Enstrom’s pass to the defender.

Goal 2: Cicerone heads one in

This is just a nice delivery from Place and too much freedom for Cicerone (this will be a theme), whose man jumps early and misses the ball.

Goal 3: Cicerone heads in another, off a corner

This is a goal all day if no one’s going to mark Cicerone, and especially so if the opposing goalie is going to come off the line like that. Watch especially where Russell starts from and how no one is on him, for the second straight header giving him free movement to meet the ball where he wants.

Goal 4: Striker to Cicerone as Daemen defense ball-watches

At one point here Stryker has the ball surrounded by five defenders, and still a sixth Wildcat steps toward him and the ball rather than following Cicerone, who once again is allowed to roam freely to his spot.

Goal 5: Cicerone to Scales

Daemen didn’t play this too poorly, really. Defenders collapsed on Cicerone, only to get burned by a perfect give-and-go with Rikard Lindqvist as the fulcrum. Cicerone’s cross is good but not necessarily that dangerous. Stryker had a very underrated game and you see his influence here, forcing Figler off his line and putting him out of position once the ball bounces to Scales. On a play like this, and Cicerone’s second above, if the keeper’s going to go for the ball he has to get to it.

Goal 6: Cicerone

The zoomed-in stream hurts us from doing much analysis here, even to the point of wondering whether Russ was onside. And there’s really not too much to this play, a precision pass off a throw in. Maybe Daemen’s last defender there didn’t do enough, maybe it deflected off him, but it’s hard to tell without a shot that has him in the frame the whole way.

Goal 7: Lindqvist on a free kick

Another one that doesn’t take much analysis. I have to wonder if Lindqvist takes the same shot, for the far upper corner, if the Wildcat defenders give 10 yards as they’re supposed to. You can see him gesturing about it before stepping up for the strike.

Goal 8: Cicerone’s record-setter

Cicerone’s little flick to Stryker is excellent. What he does next is better: he stays out of the fray and keeps himself in space. The ball doesn’t always bounce to space, but when it does the player there has time to make a decision.

Goal 9: Aspenleiter’s first

Kind of a mess of a goal, as you’d expect by the time it’s 8-0. Stryker’s in the mix of this one again. To the degree I can speak about finesse, some nice work by Aspenleiter to ensure he gets the ball around the traffic.

We should be able to do these for all home games. Road games depend on stream availability.