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Happy International T-Shirt Day from the Bull Run store

There is a holiday for everything, including T-Shirts. Since 2008, June 21'st has been "International T-Shirt day" and the day has caught the notice of our friends over at Game Day Depot. The Depot hosts many of the SBnation site's custom apparel stores, including Bull Run's store.

Since it's a special day Game Day Depot has decided to offer free ** DOMESTIC ** shipping on Bull Run gear which is purchased on Tuesday, June 21st. You can get anything from our store including the "Football is Football" shirt, our "Back to Buffalo" Shirt, or any of our past designs (Fear the Mop, Release the Kracken, or I love NYBI"

You can also, of course, go with a plain white T-Shirt featuring the Bull Run logo to let people on Campus know the best site in existence for UB fans.

Why a day for what was 100 years ago a seldom seen undergarment? I go with #3 on the list given by the international T-Shirt Day Site.

5 Top Reasons that make T-Shirts indispensable - International T-Shirt Day 2016
A T-shirt is your billboard

In 2014, Glamour magazine recognised slogan T-shirts as the coolest way of making fashion statements. Even when wearing an unbuttoned blouse or shirt on top, the slogan tee will still stand out and express a highly personalised degree of uniqueness...

Politicians wear T-shirts with their campaign slogans, and everybody can use a tee as their own custom billboard to express political opinion. Early in 2015, the Charlie Hebdo slogan Je suis Charlie was printed on T-shirts all over the world as an expression of freedom of speech. What a brilliant way to demonstrate solidarity and speak up against violent oppression.

So if you're a billboard be one for Buffalo.