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New Buffalo Athletics Branding first update to Bull logo since 2006

UB Athletics

You've picked your side of the line in the sand. I speak for the entire Bull Run staff when I say we don't need to hear it again, though we won't stop you.

Let's get on to more important things: The old Bull logo was outdated, and with today's news comes the first change to the Bull since 2006, before Bull Run existed, as well as a new wordmark.

I am not a design expert. Don't sue me.

The Bull

New Bull

I've long thought, though not said publicly, that the stamping Bull was outdated. It was a huge improvement over the horn, which existed thankfully in a time when fewer people paid enough attention to look at it, but it was complicated and messy when it got squeezed down into an on-screen scoreboard chryon or in lists.

The new Bull doesn't wow me, but it's certainly simpler and holds up better when shrunk down. It certainly fits a more 2010s style. Not that this is the only, or primary use, but it would make a better tattoo than the other Bull. It's quicker to the point.

That said, I feel it's a little generic. Of course, that comes a bit with simpler, and there's only so much you can do with Bulls, but UB will need to get this out there quickly, with none of the waffling we saw between the old bull and the New York wordmark, to establish the imagery, because...

Houston Texans

Texas Longhorns

There's only so much you can do.

The Wordmark

Buffalo wordmark

Again, moving past whether you prefer 'Buffalo' or 'New York' on the uniforms, let's evaluate the wordmark. Again, it's not the most distinctive font you'll ever see, but that's not the worst when the loudest among the region just wanted a return to 'Buffalo.'

Again, it's generic, (Update: maybe too blatantly derivative of Boise State?), and perhaps a little over-serifed for my liking, but it's simple, which is what every wanted in response to the old wordmark. Even compared to the last 'Buffalo' wordmark, it's simpler, with no border around the letters.

Bonus: The Tagline

"New York's Public Powerhouse"

I stood up and cheered when I saw this. Everything else aside, no one can really say that UB isn't the largest and most comprehensive public school in New York, and that it doesn't enjoy much of the academic standing that designated flagships do in other states. It's a huge part of UB's identity, even if there will still be locals who want us to be 100% Buffalo and only Buffalo, and this tagline not only maintains and celebrates that identity, but draws a clearer distinction from Syracuse than the old one.

On the merits of these alone, how do you feel?