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Bull Rundown

Writing up the rundown just did not feel right yesterday and to be honest it still seems silly given all that has happened this week. But someone pointed out to me that our rundown threads give people a chance to chat and connect and the community can probably use that right about now.

The Rundown

Today in Bull: Men's MAC Championships @ Hosted by Eastern and it's an all day affair. Here is Matt's preview.

Yesterdays News: The women's basketball team lost to AkronMens swimdive finished day one at 2nd place.

From the Fanshots: As you can imagine there is a lot of Solo fanshots. A segment of a video from the moment of silence, statements from Lance Leipold and one from Allen Greene. Finally there is a gofundme site aimed at helping his family deal with all the expencens they have had to incur. With so much going on it would be great if money was not a factor.

Elsewhere: Tonight there is a memorial viewing open to the public at 7pm and a private service for family and his teammates afterwards.