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Monday Morning Open Thread: Maybe the Panthers shouldn't have gotten rid of Josh Thomas

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No more football for a while, which right now doesn't feel like much, but by month three of draft talk we're going to be cranky. Oh well.

The Rundown

Today in Bull: It's a Monday, so... :(

Yesterday: Men's Tennis lost 6-1 to Princeton. Wrestling listlessly dropped one to Central Michigan. Both opponents are nationally-ranked. We talked more about Men's Basketball's win over EMU.

From the FanShots: James Starks is expected to re-sign in Green Bay.

On the Docket: Women's Hoops takeaways, a rooting interests guide for Tuesday's Men's games around the MAC (I'm debating whether I want to start up similar ones for the women, who probably have a ceiling of a home first round game.), and John and I will have the Super Bowl-delayed Olympic Rundown podcast after The Bachelor around 10:15.

This Day in Bulls History: I have hopes of making this a pretty big project, but a thousand mile journey starts with a single step, so why not start today? We don't have to go far.

8 February, 2014: The Kraken, unleashed. In a career of stunning moments and performances, Javon McCrea put forward one of his finest games, pouring in 25 points and pulling down 20 rebounds in a win over Central Michigan. It was the first 20-20 performance since Yassin Idbihi in the Bowling Green Socks Game, and just the second in the modern era. Only Curtis Blackmore and Sam Pellom (duh) have ever pulled down more rebounds in a single game, and for that matter, in a career. McCrea also passed 1800 career points with the performance.

Elsewhere: The Broncos won a football game over the Carolina Panthers. There wasn't much else on in the sports world, understandably so.

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