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Daily Open Thread: National Signing Day Hangover and Hump Day Blues

After quite the eventful day from start to finish yesterday things are all quiet today, so get rid of those hump day blues by chatting with us!

The Rundown

Today in Bull: Nothing :(

Yesterday's News: Women's Hoops Coach Felisha Legette-Jack earned her 200th win in style as her team knocked off Ohio, handing them their first conference loss of the season. Ohio was a top-25 RPI team heading into the game yesterday and was 9-0 in conference play. In addition to the exciting Women's Hoops game, Football pulled in 15 new members with a big focus on length and size in the linebacking corps and in the defensive backfield.

From the Fanshots: Local papers had some interesting tidbits from incoming football recruits Matt Otwinowski and Dominic Johnson.

On the Docket: We'll have takeaways from last night's big win from Women's Basketball. After their big win over NIU Men's Basketball moved into 2nd place in the MAC and with that Matt will highlight some rooting interests for the coming weekend to help UB as we near the postseason. We'll also have a preview of Men's and Women's Tennis as they both have competitions this weekend.


Bills rookie linebacker Tony Steward had some touching final words for his fiance after she passed away from ovarian cancer at 26 years old. You'll need some tissues for this one, folks.

The Home Depot announced they will need to hire nearly 80,000 associates across the US and roughly 400 of those jobs will be in Buffalo.

You can now head over to the Puppy Bowl website and draft your own puppy fantasy team ahead of the game on Sunday.


Given my engineering background and growing up fixing things around the house, I've been to quite a few hardware stores. Naturally, I have a preference and I sometimes get into arguments over which one is better. So today's poll is which hardware store do you like to go to the most?