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Bull Rundown : Don't trust strangers, or their wifi networks

The Rundown

Today in Bull: The Bulls take on Kent for what amounts to an almost must win game if we want to be seeded in the top four in Cleveland. Tip-off is at 6:00, its on ESPN3, and we have your game thread here on Bull Run.

Yesterday's News: For a day with no UB sports it was busy as heck round' these parts.

Conrad brought us the complete UB football schedule with dates and times. Let's just say it looks to be one of the more difficult schedules UB has had in some years. He also looked at how our payday games might look if he made the decisions.

In basketball news we were treated to Bowling Green takeaways and "Basket-Bulls and Beers"

Finally we brought together a few thoughts from UB Baseball's rather unproductive weekend.

From the Fanshots: There are no details out there as of 12:18 AM EST but we do know that Solomon Jackson was rushed to the hospital after a medical emergency during a football conditioning session.

If everyone could please keep him in their thoughts and prayers.

On the Docket: Basketball post game coming after the game and there will be a setup piece for the coming weekend baseball action.

Finally we will keep you apprised of any released regrading Jackson

Elsewhere: Remember how mom taught you to not take candy from strangers. Well the adult version of you also needs to realize you don't take internet connectivity from them either.

Airport Experiment Shows That People Recklessly Connect to Any Open WiFi Hotspot
To prove their point on how easy is to hack a public WiFi network and snoop on its traffic, researchers logged traffic and provided the following results.

61.7% of all users searched the Web via Google, or accessed their Gmail account. 14.9% accessed a Yahoo! site, 2% listened to music via Spotify, and 1% browsed a dating app, such as Tinder or Badoo.

Further, 52.5% of users had the Facebook app installed, while Twitter was only used by 2.4% of the people that were passing through the airport.

Researchers also noticed that 50.1% of users used Apple devices, 43.4% used Androids, while Windows Phone was found only on 6.5% of all devices. Even worse, researchers say that they could identify details about each device and its user in 63.5% of all the traffic.

No data was stored, but merely analyzed and categorized for statistical purposes.

Careful what wifi ou connect to! It could be run by these guys.