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Bull Rundown: When's the last time you got a good nights sleep?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Rundown

Today in Bull: Track is at the Deneault Invite on the campus of Cornell University. Women's tennis is at

Edit: I missed a couple of things because they were not on the schedule

1 - Baseball is playing Air Force at 2pm today here is the live stat link.

2 - Track is at the Akron Invitational  ( live statsvideo )

Yesterday's News: John put up senior salutes for wrestling, and Conrad thinks UB should be playing a game in or around New York City each and every year.

From the Fanshots: UB got a wrestling recruit in the person of Joseph Messare.

On the Docket: John's going to be running an open thread for the wrestling match.

Elsewhere: Turns out a third of American adults are not getting enough sleep and the worst state of the lot is Hawaii!

States in the Southeast and along the Appalachian Mountains reported the least amount of sleep, according to the study. The state with the lowest reported amount of sleep was Hawaii, and the states with the highest reported amount of sleep were South Dakota, Colorado and Minnesota.

State- and county-level data is important because it helps public health departments "see where the problem is most severe," said Wheaton.

For the past decade, about one-third of adults have consistently reported not getting enough sleep, according to Wheaton. She emphasized the importance of establishing good sleep habits, such as going to bed and waking up at the same time each morning; having a good sleep environment, where the bedroom is dark and at a good temperature; removing electronics from your bedroom; avoiding big meals, caffeine, and alcohol before bed; and exercising regularly.