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Wednesday Bull Rundown Open Thread: Not a great Tuesday.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

I wish Tuesday had been one story shorter...

The Rundown

Tonight in Bull: Women's basketball heads into Toledo at 7:00. The ladies have have shown real flashes of potential in recent games. Hopefully they can keep it up against the Rockets.

Yesterday: Yesterday the stories ran like a series of more and more unfortunate events. First Tim talked up how important these two games were. Then we had a game thread, and right before the game word that Bearden was out for behavioral issues. Then we lost the game. Then it came out it was the first of a three game suspension due to substance abuse.

From the Fanshots: The Bulls 9 for 9 series continues with Jon Jones.

On the Docket: Outside of the gamethread and ultimate recap for WBB, I'm not sure. I'm sure there will be some talk about what Beardens suspension means to the team.

Elsewhere: Ole Miss football involved in 13 of the NCAA allegations, per reports - Red Cup Rebellion

A source close to the NCAA investigation of Ole Miss told David Brandt of the Associated Press that 13 of the 28 allegations levied against the school pertain to football and that nine of those concern the current coaching staff. ESPN has since confirmed the report with multiple sources.