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Western Michigan vs Ohio Why I'm Rowing The Boat Tonight....

One area where there is some disagreement among our editors is in "rooting for the common good, even when that means 'rowing the boat'".

When Ohio took on NIU several years back for the MAC Championship game I do what I almost always do during conference games. Root for chaos. In the case of that game it was to root for the hated Ohio Bobcats even though dislike the Kittens far more than the Mutts. So with a perfect season on the line one might think that I'd hold form and root against the boat rowers of Kalamazoo.

But this is different.

With Boise and Houston losing last week, losing their divisions, and falling out of the race for the G5's slot in this years CFP, WMU is in the drivers seat.

While I could care less about the Bronco's place in history I do care about the relative strength of the MAC and the financial benefits of being the group of five conference to earn the coveted big bowl bid. Typically that spot brings the conference 4-6 million dollars more in revenue which, if you do the math, means another half million dollars per conference member.

Plus, a big bowl bid would mean that PJ Fleck is likely gone, and that's not a bad thing.