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Buffalo Bulls Football Game Preview: Ohio Bobcats

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

It's game day and I hope you're all excited. Today's game against the Ohio Bobcats could be huge for salvaging a respectable 2016 season. While so far filled with disappointments, it's never too late to turn this season in to a positive. This is a team that when playing like they did last week could win 3/4 to end the season. It starts with feeding Jordan Johnson the ball early and often. The game plan for today's game should be nothing short of the same. Work around Jordan Johnson, not Tyree Jackson. If the offense can do this, the defense will build momentum. Plus running the ball will limit Ohio's offensive time of possession. The winning formula falls on Johnson's shoulders. Here's who to watch for on the Ohio side of the ball.

Who to Watch For

Greg Windham - Completing 56% of his passes this season, Windham hasn't put up as many touchdowns as you'd assume. He's thrown for just 9 scores this season. However he has only thrown for 3 picks so ball security is huge. He's found the end zone another 3 times on the ground and has tallied up 433 yards with his legs. Containing Windham will be big for the defense.

Dorian Brown - This running back has been tough to stop this season. Averaging 6.2 yards per carry on 101 attempts is impressive. Making contact early and wrapping up will be important. The defensive front needs to get penetration on the inside and keep Brown from breaking outside the tackles.

Tarell Basham - This DE is disruptive. With 10 TFL and 7.5 sacks on the season, the offensive line will have its hands full dealing with Basham. Jackson and Johnson will have to use their athleticism to escape this aggressive defender. This will be a big test for the line. If you can't block Basham, you won't be able to run.

Final Thoughts

I think this game will be more of a battle then it looks on paper. Ohio has had some bad games this season and playing on Thursday leads to weird things. I do think that Ohio will come out on top solely because of the inconsistency that the Bulls have shown this year. If the offense feeds Johnson I believe they avoid a blow out but overall I just can't see Buffalo pulling this one off. That being said, there is a reason they play the games. Go Bulls ans horns up.