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Pregame Meal: When in Athens You Dine Like a God

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It's game day and for just the second time all season, the Buffalo Bulls are coming off of a win! After defeating the Akron Zips 41-20, the bulls return to action with some midweek MACtion. For the pregame meal this week, I thought to myself, what can you do for a team coming off a big win. Then it occurred to me, the Ohio Bobcats play in Athens. So why not exploit the obvious Greek joke staring me in the face and treat our team like the Greek Gods. Here's what's on the menu this week.

Meal and Drink: Ambrosia

In a first for my pregame meal's we are combining the meal and the drink! Why you may ask? Because ambrosia is the food and drink of the Greek Gods. What exactly is it? Why it's the food and drink of immortality. There isn't much on what it's factually made of but that is okay, because it is immortality after all. The Greek Gods would eat and drink this which allowed for their immortality. Not a bad way to get ready for a football game if you ask me.


Yes the football game. This Buffalo team is coming off their first MAC win in a game against a fairly decent opponent in Akron. The elation in the players after the game made you feel as if they too felt immortal. That attitude will hopefully be carried in to this Ohio game. The bobcats are a much tougher opponent after all. After already becoming bowl eligible, Ohio is looking to continue dominating the rest of the MAC East this season. I think the Bulls need to come out with the sort of fire and passion that comes with immortality and prove to Ohio that this is not an easy victory. So eat and drink up boys, it's time to make your presence felt.

So Ohio, what exactly do you do here?

The state of Ohio. Most notorious for being a swing state in every presidential election (Side note make sure you vote next Tuesday. Regardless of who you vote for get your voice heard) , it also is home to basically every MAC team. One university however likes to claim the entire state, and that would be Ohio university. So, let's take a look at all the things that Ohio claims for themselves.

1. The city of Cleveland was home to America's first traffic light back in 1914. The city of Cleveland is also where the Buffalo Bulls Men's basketball team continues to dominate every team in the conference.

2. Ohio is home to the pro football hall of fame in Canton. I'm sure most everyone already knows this, but it's fair to give Ohio credit on such a cool place. I went back in May on a Tuesday so I had a very personal experience there and boy was it amazing.

3. Ohio is known as the "Buckeye State" which is basically why Ohio University will always be overshadowed by big brother Ohio state.

4. "Hang on Sloopy" Is the state's official rock song. A strange choice but overall a catchy tune. I first heard it at a Cleveland Indian's game earlier this season.

5. The Wright brothers were originally from Dayton. That's also why the college's mascot is the flyers.

So there are five random facts about Ohio. Some you probably knew, some you probably didn't. In the end, they aren't life changing, because Ohio is such an average state.

What to Watch For

If you've been reading the PGM this season, you'll know the past few weeks I've copy and pasted the story lines as a sort of frustration with the teams inability to fix the issues. Last week the team played well, so here are 5 some what new things to watch for.

1. Consistency. After defeating Army earlier in the season, the team followed it up with an abysmal performance against Boston College. I'm curious to see if the team can put together back to back good games.

2. Will Jordan Johnson keep getting the ball. Johnson needs 30+ touches in this game. By far the best offensive weapon, it would be criminal to under utilize him.

3. Can Tyree Jackson get the air game working. While having a strong ground game last week, Jackson was still just 7/21. Hopefully the young quarterback can get it going.

4. Can the offensive line put together another strong game. They blocked well last game, can it happen again?

5. Will the defensive intensity remain. This defense looked angry last game. I hope they're still angry and ready to put a beat down on the Bobcats.


As much as I'd love to win tonight, I don't see it happening. Ohio is the strongest team in the East and this team hasn't shown the consistency they have to. I don't think it will be tough to watch like other games, but I do think it'll be hard to win. But hey, I was wrong last week. Here's to me going on a two game losing streak of my own. Horns up.