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Buffalo Bulls Football Preview: Western Michigan Broncos

Well we all know the hype around this week. Gameday came to Kalamazoo for the Western Michigan vs. Buffalo game. Buffalo is a massive underdog and we all know this. However there is a reason that the games are played. Could Buffalo, a team having a rough season, take down Goliath? I don’t believe they have it in them but hey, I’ve been wrong before. With freshman QB Tyree Jackson most likely not playing, Buffalo will rely on some new names in some key roles. Today is a day to believe in the impossible and hopefully see Buffalo’s best football victory of all time. Let’s take a look at some key WMU players.

Players to Watch

Zach Terrell - He’s a stud. No way to deny that. Terrell has thrown for 23 TDs and just 1 INT this season. This does not look good for our secondary which has been torched multiple times this season. Getting pressure up front will be hard but it feels necessary. If the Bulls can contain Terrell, they might stand a fighting chance.

Corey Davis - If you don’t know Corey Davis, start getting familiar with him. This kid will be playing on Sunday’s next year and it isn’t even close. He’s an explosive, athletic receiver and the biggest threat for WMU. He’s already put up 14 TDs and over 1000 yards. This could be a defining match up with Boise Ross as Ross tries to salvage a tough season and make it to the NFL.


This game can get ugly quick. I think UB is absolutely over matched and it will show early and often. WMU is going to try and make a statement to pull away from Boise State. I like to believe that UB could win this game, but it feels unrealistic. I’m going to cheer my heart out today and hope for the best, but maybe Buffalo’s best isn’t good enough. It’s hard to speak on this game a lot because I’m so pessimistic, but I’ll leave you with this. They play the games for a reason. Go Bulls.