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MAC Football Power Rankings

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Not a lot of movement on the top but a big shakeup at the bottom lands UB at the bottom of our Power Rankings

Team Points LW Δ Comment
1 WMU 1.0 1 0 WMU is two games, and the MACC away from a chance to play in one of the Big Bowls
2 TOL 2.0 2 0 Toldedo... Always a brides maid, never a bride.
3 OHIO 3.0 3 0 Ohio is well on their way to a matchup with WMU in Detroit but they do have Miami chasing
4 EMU 4.0 4 0 Congradualtions to the Eagles, who will be bowling for the first time in 29 years
5 MIA 5.0 6 1 If they catch Ohio or not you can not deny what a great turnaround happened in Oxford
6 CMU 6.5 5 -1 If the Chips can get by Ohio or EMU they will be bowling again.
7 BSU 6.5 10 3 There is a path for BSU to bowl. But it goes through Toledo and Miami.
8 NIU 8.0 9 1 For the first time in a decade NIU will not be bowling.
9 KENT 9.5 6 -3 Nobody expected Kent to light the world on fire but they have really dissapointed this year
10 AKR 10.0 6 -4 Rough loss to Bowling Green. It could be the game that keeps Akron out of the Bowls
11 BG 10.5 12 1 With Kent and Buffalo left, an upset win over Akron could help BG roll out on a high note
12 BUF 12.0 11 -1 At least the Bulls will be a part of Gameday live... In Kalamazoo