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Five things for the Buffalo Bulls to work on for next season... Starting with Miami

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Let's face it... While Ohio knocked us out of Bowl Contention, we all knew this team was in a rebuilding mode after Nevada. It's time to stop asking are we going to win this week and to start asking "are we seeing a foundation being laid"

Miami has *SUCKED* since just after they won the MAC in 2010. But the past season and a half they have been building. After a terrible start to the season they are now, seriously, a team that could win the division.

Buffalo has shown, at times, glimpses of a team that can be successful next year but they have been terrible inconstant. Now they have a month to show that they are becoming their better selves.

Pregame coaching - It sucks being outcoached and out schemed for the first 15-25 minutes of most every football game...

This one falls squarely on Leipold and destroys the "football is football" slogan which was used when people questioned a DIII coach taking over a DI team.

Can Lance coach at this level? I sure hope so because we can't afford a change until at least after the 2017 season. The biggest hole in his resume, to me, seems to be coming into games with a team that's not ready for their opponent. Whether that opponent is Albany or Ohio.

The Running Game - UB *NEEDS* an offensive identity and that identity should be as a team that runs to set up the pass. And I'm not talking gimmick runs either. Our bread and butter should be well executed running plays which get us 3-6 yards a pop and occasionally a big gainer.

We have too often abandoned the running game or turned it into a read option repeat and I hate it.

The Special Teams - This will win or lose you at least two games a year

Want to see a comeback die a quick death? give up a huge return after a score, miss a field goal on a nice long drive. The guys have to do the little things right to limit mistakes for the rest of this year.

Offensive Play Calling - This goes along with the "running game" but it's more than that.

I love Tyree, and he is a guy who I feel very comfortable with as our next four year starter. But we have to coach around the fact he is a freshman. That means shot and mid range hig percentage passes and the occasional bomb. It means better desigend draws and few strings of six read option runs.

Defensive Intensity - When it's hot, it's hot... When it's not, it's not.

Too many times this season Buffalo's defense has not been great at team pursuit. It's guys going through the motions, arm tackling, and basically looking like a squad that would rather not be there.

Then there are the times they look like one of the most aggressive defenses in the MAC.

So which defense will we finish with this season?