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Josh Thomas Picked up by the Dallas Cowboys

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.”

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Several years ago UB defensive back, 2011 to be exact, Josh Thomas had a solid pro-day was drafted in the fifth round of the NFL draft by the Dallas Cowboys. He even had some decent press in the preseason.

Bulls in the NFL: Preseason - Week1 - Bull Run
I would say that the guy that probably stuck out of that group was JT Thomas. He's a guy that has great athletic ability, but he's got to make sure he knows what he's doing all the time. And there are some strengths for each of those guys that give them the chance to make the team. -- Dave Campo to "Blogging The Boys"

Sadly Thomas was not the player who Dallas wanted and he was cut before his rookie season would have started.

But Carolina swooped in and the Panthers claimed Thomas off waivers. He was on their roster in 2011 and got his first start in 2012. He also started 6 games in 2013. But as 2014 approached Thomas was one of the last roster cut down casualties.

A week after being cut he was picked up by Seattle as a depth player among their ailing backfield.

Josh Thomas Signed By the Seattle Seahawks - Bull Run
He is filling in for Jeremy Lane who was placed on the injured reserve/designated-to-return list by Seattle after he reinjured a previous groin injury during the team's 36-16 season-opening victory Thursday night over the Green Bay Packers.

Then after a short sting in Seattle Thomas was released as players cam back from Injury. He was quickly snatched up by the Jets. Where things got a little weird.

His "playbook", which was a document on a team-issued iPad, was stolen. So was his passport, and he issued a public appeal to have the items returned. Thomas did not leave the laptop lying around. It was secured in luggage which was locked in his car. Unfortunately for Thomas someone broke into his car, taking the items.

Later that same week he was cut and then called out the Jets Coaching staff.

"I feel like I wasn't given the attention necessary as far as being engaged from the coach-to-player standpoint and knowing the things I need to work on," -- Josh Thomas

Shortly after being Cut Thomas ends up in Detroit, once again on a team looking to shore up a depleted backfield. He finished the season with the Lions, is not re-sighned, and it starts to look like his NFL career is over.


Minnesota signs him in the off season because, you guessed it, depth problems. He came into camp very late but Thomas looks so good in Minnesota, that he lasted toward the last series of preseason cuts.

The Daily Norseman, SBNation's Hub o' Vikings thought Thomas would make the 53.

Of the three, the biggest surprise. . .to me, anyway. . .is cornerback Josh Thomas. Thomas signed with the Vikings in late July, and played pretty well during the preseason.  -- TDN

A few weeks later he is picked up by Indianapolis. And in his first game he was a big part of a Colts win over the Titans.

Buffalo Bulls Playing Professional Football This Week - Bull Run
Indy signed him late last week and Thomas showed he still has the stuff needed for an NFL squad with tree tackles and two passes defended. He popped a Tennesee receiver and forced the ball into the air whereupon it was picked off.

A couple of weeks ago Indy got healthy in the backfield and released Thomas. Then late last week the Cowboys picked him up. And he is set to be active today!