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Bull Rundown Daily Open Thread: You Didn't Win

Thursday. A day without UB sports, and a day without a powerball win. If you're in Buffalo, you've gotten some snow at least.

Did you realize yet it's a three-day weekend upcoming? That will be nice.

The Rundown

Tonight in Bull: NOTHING :-(, but I guess you could prep for a busy weekend.

Yesterday's news: Women's Hoops lost to Ball State, but damn it was a fun game. Joanna Smith scored 21.

From the FanShots: TV money makes the world go round, and the MAC is soon to have more than C-USA

On the Docket: Men's Tennis season preview is dropping today, hopefully a takeaways post from the Women's game, and if things really go well, maybe a SwimDive piece.

Elsewhere: This only found my radar because his wife is getting an MSW from UB, but a good read on professional bowler Ryan Ciminelli:

This is how much money one of the best bowlers in the world makes - MarketWatch
From bricklayer to bowler: Ryan Ciminelli won bowling’s U.S. Open in 2015.