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Daily Open Thread - Bull Rundown

We are going to try a daily open thread for chat in the community. Jump on and talk about the Bulls, or Buffalo, or your favorite new show.

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Hey guys happy Tuesday!

Winter is officially here (both in Minnesota and Buffalo) so what are you doing to maintain sanity? I've start taking my eldest out to ski and being I'm in the north land I can't go a half mile without hitting a free ice rink so the younger ones and I bundle up for ice skating.

Keep an eye out for the Hoops game thread. These Bull Rundowns will act as game threads for some of the Olympic sports whose open threads don't garner much interest. But the mothership wants a separate post for football and men's hoops. We also have seen a lot of interest in Women's Basketball and Wrestling so they will have their own posts.

Let's see.... Anything else happen last night? Anything at all?

Oh yea my two least favorite P5 teams squared off for the national title.

Clemson vs. Alabama final score: Crimson Tide win national championship in 45-40 classic -
In the desert, Alabama and Clemson played a doozy. When it was over, the Crimson Tide had a 45-40 victory, their fourth national title since 2009 and the glory of prevailing in one of the best national championship games ever.

The Rundown

Today's Events - The Men's Basketball Team heads to Ypsi for a match with Eastern Michigan. So far the Bulls have looked very good against Akron and Kent, splitting their games against the conferences top two teams, but EMU has that stifling defense.

Yesterday's News The Bulls Revealed Their 2016 opponents and Joe Licata is heading to the Tropic Bowl.

From our Fan Shots - UB Wrestler Jake Gunning is ranked as the MAC's 3rd best Wrestler and the women's team has some practice on the road.

Elsewhere -

Khalil Mack getting a do-over chance at NFL rookie of the year?