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Buffalo Football 2016 Opponents Revealed

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

UB's 2016 schedule is out and here are the cliffnotes.

The conference finds balance

With UMass gone the MAC has two six team divisions for the first time in about a decade. This means UB will be playing Akron, Kent, Bowling Green, Ohio, and Miami every year because they are in our divisions

Winning the West

It also means every team in the MAC will play three crossover games. This season for UB that means NIU,Ball State, and Western Michigan. Two of those games will be very challenging. Western Michigan and NIU are solid programs and the Bulls get both on the road.

Thanks MAC.

Ball State comes to Amherst for the first time since Stan Parrish "out coached" Jeff Quinn.

Out of Conference

The rumors were UB was going to pay to bring smAlbany back and that's just what will happen. The Bulls will open up the season playing out kid cousins from down state.

Other out of conference games are at Nevada on September 17, vs Army on Sept. 24 and at Boston College on October 1.