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Mid American Conference Power Rankings

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

After a week, 11 of the 13 teams from the Mid American Conference have played a game. The only teams who sat idle were UMass who had a scheduled bye and Toledo who had Stony Brook literally take a "rain check".

Conrad played merry hob with the rankings system by throwing Buffalo in as his number one team after the first week. The other Bull Run editors moved UB up a spot or two from their previous ballot but the #1 ranking on Conrad moved Buffalo all the way up to 1.

Now if Buffalo can up and "Temple" the Penn State Nittany Lions then perhaps Conrad will have some company putting UB up so high.

Here is the full chart.

Rank Team Score LW CH Comment
1 NIU 1.8 1 0 They were supposed to blow out UNLV but a win is a win. Their position at the top is safe. For now.
2 TOL 3.0 2 0 Stony Brook stood up Toledo but before the rain delay the game was uncomfortably close. 17-6 over a CAA team at the half can hopefully be chalked up to brutal weather.
3 WMU 4.8 3 0 WMU holds their position after playing Michigan State tight in K'Zoo. Now with that out of the way we will see if Fleck can get WMU over the top.
4 BUF 5.0 6 2 Conrad voted them number 1. Most of us had Buffalo at 6 or 7. We will have a much better idea about who Buffalo is after this week.
5 BSU 5.4 5 0 Ball State started off the season with a win. Like Buffalo however they do not have a quality win.
5 BG 5.4 4 -1 The scoreboard at the Falcons game was a lot more lopsided than the play on the field. BGSU is still my favorite to win the east.
7 OHIO 5.8 7 0 Ohio had one of the more convincing wins of the week but it did come against a rather poor Idaho team.
8 CMU 7.6 8 0 Drew is CMU's true believer with a pick of 5. After they played Oklahoma State maybe he is onto something.
9 MIA 8.4 11 2 Miami picks up two spots even though they could not put Presbyterian away until the fourth quarter.
10 MASS 9.4 10 0 UMass sat idle and held their spot because of the bye. This week they will have to start earning the preseason MAC Poll love being thrown their way.
11 AKR 10.6 9 -2 Oklahoma's Air Raid offense chewed up Akron to the tune of 400 plus yards throwing, Akron managed just 88 yards passing.
12 EMU 10.8 13 1 Eastern showed some promise against ODU, leading into the 4th. But being on the wrong and of a three turnover margin you typically lose
13 KENT 13.0 12 -1 Kent is a unanimous choice as worst team in the conference following a nearly 50 point loss to Illinois.