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MAC Power Rankings - Six Painful Losses Keep Things Static

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

If any one of six games go differently then this picture is very, very different.

  • If NIU wins they are number one. (NIU lost by 7)
  • If BGSU wins that leap over Ohio (BGSU lost by 3)
  • If CMU wins they Jump Buffalo and perhaps even the next team. (CMU lost by 3)
  • If Miami wins they Jump or so schools. (Miami lost by 4)
  • If UMass wins they jump at least two schools. (UMass lost by 4)
  • If Kent wins they go from the cellar to 8 or 9 (Kent lost by 7)

Rank Team Score LW CH Comment
1 TOL 1.2 1 0 Were it not for a stormy summer night Toledo would already be half way to bowl eligibility with two of those wins against P5 teams. Most everyone sees them as this years team to beat
2 NIU 2.4 2 0 Painful loss number 1 => NIU closed the gap on Toledo in terms of average rank. Good team this year the Toledo / NIU show will be fun to watch
3 OHIO 3.6 3 0 Ohio still has one curve breaker voting for them but the Bobcats moved up on everyone's ballot this week. 3-0 start bodes well for Solich and the Cats.
4 BG 3.8 4 0 Painful loss number 2 => The Falcons played one of several painfully close MAC losses this week. On average they did not move despite the collapse in Memphis.
5 BUF 5.2 6 1 Shockingly Buffalo may have one of the best defenses in the MAC. Brian Borland's bend but don't break crew are very good at generating turnovers.
6 CMU 6.8 7 1 Painful loss number 3 => Despite going down in Overtime the Chips picked up nearly a point this week. Of course playing Syracuse meant the entire Bull Run staff was pulling for CMU.
7 WMU 7.2 5 -2 PJ Fleck is engaged and WMU's offense throws up 52 points. Lord help whoever WMU plays the week he gets married.
8 BSU 7.6 8 0 Ball State stays still despite the win. A lot of people saw the 17 point spot to EMU as a sign that the Cards may be #5 in the MAC West.
9 EMU 9.2 9 0 That 17 point spot was enough to help EMU hold their position. This is the year of so close for the Eagles. If they hold on against BSU and ODU they are 3-0.
10 MIA 10.4 10 0 Painful loss number 4 => Miami's rank has not changed but their close game to Cincinnati did help their average rank fo up 1.2 points.
11 AKR 11.0 11 0 Akron wins 52 - 9 and loses points in the poll. I suppose being down to an FCS school in the second quarter will do that.
12 MASS 11.2 12 0 Painful loss number 5 => Perhaps the most painful because they lost on a blocked extra point return. Nice showing for UMass against a good Temple squad.
13 KENT 11.8 13 0 Painful loss number 6 => Kent's defense played a heck of a game. At that level they should at least a few conference games.

But the MAC could not buy a win this week so the big loser was Western Michigan, who won their game...  Go figure.

Gaining ground was Buffalo and Central Michigan. The Bulls won their game to climb one spot and CMU took Syracuse to the brink, which was enough for our voters.