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62 days to kickoff: UB pulls out all the stops but can't close

#62 UB Football Game

September 29, 2012 - UB 17, UConn 24

Yesterday we looked at UB's UConn blowout and mentioned UB previously letting UConn off the hook. In 2012, the game was close, but UB completely let UConn off the hook.

After going down 3, UB moved 75 yards in 10 plays ending with a Brandon Murie 4-yard TD run. Alex Neutz caught 2 balls for 37 yards on the drive while Devin Campbell had a 5-yard run and a 30-yard reception.

After the TD, a surprise onside kick gave UB the ball on the 50-yard line. Buffalo only gained 6 yards and punted after 3 plays. Despite stuffing UConn on 1st downs, UConn converted a 2nd and 12 and a 2nd and 14 as they moved 92 yards for a TD and a 10-7 UConn lead. Another UB 3-and-out was answered by a 50-yard run by Martin Hyppolite and a 17-7 UConn lead.

UB moved to the 33-yard line on their next drive but an attempt to the throw the ball away out of bounds fell short and into the hands of UConn's Ty-Meer Brown. Late in half, UB chose to throw on 3rd and 1, but the pass fell incomplete. A one-yard conversion could have given UB a scoring drive and momentum going into the 2nd half, instead UB went into the half down 17-7.

Down 24-7, an innocent short toss to Neutz turned into a TD when Alex Neutz lateraled to Brandon Murie who ran 50-yards for a TD. Later a 43 yard bomb to Neutz turned into a 44-yard Patrick Clarke field goal. With 87 seconds left, UB had the ball and were down 24-17. UB used 6 plays and 60 seconds, but only gained 19 yards. On 4th and 4 61-yards away from the tying TD, Alex Zordich ran for 2 yards giving the ball to UConn and ending the game.

Khalil Mack had 3.5 TFLs and a forced fumble while Lee Skinner led the Bulls with 13 tackles. Neutz caught 6 balls for 90 yards while Zordich led UB runners with 76 yards on 14 carries.

After the first six drives of the game UConn out-gained UB 224-84 and outscored the Bulls 17-7. The rest of the game UB out-gained the Huskies 249-122, but only managed a 10-7 score advantage. Usually the team that finishes strong wins, but UB's inability to score let the Huskies off the hook.