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Boston College and Buffalo 2:1 deal cancelled - now a 2:0

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps the Boston College Athletics Department should adopt a new slogan. The schools motto is Αἰέν ἀριστεύειν, roughly translated "Always Excel".

But be sure you phrase it "Ever Excel" or you'll get caught up in some longwinded rant from some prideful BC Alumni.  To folks at Boston College hearing "Ever Excel" said any other way is akin to us here "University of Buffalo"

But I digress.

Where I was going with this is that because the Boston College Athletic department finally rescheduled their way out of ten-year old 2:1 agreement with Buffalo they need a new mission statement. I propose their department adopt the slogan πάντα να αναβάλει, "Ever to Postpone". It's apt and fits in with their school motto.

I'm not going to lean too hard into BC because I long ago gave up the illusion they, unlike Baylor, would actually follow through on a mid major road trip simply because of a silly little thing like a signed agreement. It would have been great if the Eagles were to man up to the spirit of their contract but backing out on an away date with a Mid Major is par for the course among P5 teams.

I'm more annoyed with UB for handing BC yet another game for the pittance of $700,000. Especially when I'm sure there was something UB was owed from Boston College going back on their word. It would have been better for UB to seek any due contractual compensation and then find some other school willing to pay $700,000 or more (likely more) for a one and done contract.

You see Boston College was due to be paid 200,000 dollars from coming to Amherst as part of their 2:1 deal. Buffalo was due to get 500,000 for their only trip to Boston in the series. The amount we will now be getting is the sum of those two figures.

I don't have the original contract in front of me, just the amendments, so I don't know what UB was paid for their first trip to Boston. If I had to guess I would say $500,000.

White had three options.

Option Number 1 - Allow the BC Beagles to continue kicking the can down the road. Which of course they would have. It's painfully obvious that BC had no intention of ever coming to Buffalo.*

* - As proof BC never intended to honor this contract I submit the following. The Original Deal was signed 6/22/2006. The first game, at BC, was played 10/28/2006. Then the contract was amended November 8th 2007, May 26th 2010, and July 8th 2010.

Option Number 2 - Get arbitration in the matter. Most of these contracts have some arbitration clause, it may have been worth it to get in front of a human being and either make Boston College buy out the contract or honor it.

Option Number 3 - Take this deal.

Without the deal UB still has the payment from the first game (likely $500,000) and in today's world getting more than $700,000 dollars for a one and done, which is what this game is, should be fairly easy.

Maybe I'm wrong maybe playing a New England team on the road is worth giving up the revenue we might get from playing Ohio State or some other high prestige team. After all Danny White said he wanted to play more games against beatable P5 teams and they do not get a whole lot more beatable than Boston College!