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Orlando Sentinel ranks UB #82

Predict UB to be #4 Lambert Cup team

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

The Orlando Sentinel is ranking teams from 128 to 1. This week UB's number was called, #82 ranked team in the nation. UB is also the first team predicted to be bowl eligible on the countdown.

The good news, they have UB ranked ahead of six MAC schools, five of those schools are on UB's 2015 schedule. In addition, Albany and FAU are ranked below Buffalo, so if preseason holds true, your Bulls will be 7-5 with a 5-3 MAC record.

The bad news, UB is ranked below BGSU and Ohio in the MAC East so UB has work to do to prove they are the best team in the division.

Outside of the MAC, there is the 3-team battle for New York supremacy and the 10-team battle for the Lambert Cup.

In New York, UB is ranked #1, by a landslide. UB is 30 spots ahead of Army and 34 spots ahead of the Orange.

In the Lambert Cup, UB is 4th, between Temple at #80 and Pitt at #83.

Penn State opens with three of the top four teams in the East, first at Temple and then hosting Buffalo and Rutgers. The Lambert could be decided by week 3. If Penn State sweeps through their first three, they will probably win it. If any team can knock off Penn State the trophy is most likely theirs.

Penn State will enter the UB game losers of 4 of their last 5 at home. Could UB shock the world and put themselves on top of the Lambert Standings?

Time will tell.

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