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Countdown to kickoff: #90 Game: UB destroys Akron

Who is wearing #90 in 2015?

No one

#90 UB Football Game

November 19, 2011 UB 51 - Akron 10

Between November 18, 2009 (a 42-17 win at Miami) and September 28, 2013 (a 41-12 win vs UConn) this Akron game was UB's only 11+ point win against a FBS opponent.

If you were optimistic about the Jeff Quinn era, you lost your faith a year earlier when current UB recruiting coordinator Rob Ianello out-coached Quinn taking a truly awful Akron team to a season ending win in 20XX.

So what does all this mean? Akron is bad, really bad. This win is less impressive than the Stony Brook win.-Tim Riordan

In 2011, Quinn did nothing to assuage UB fans' fears. Going into the Akron game Quinn was 4-18, 2-18 against FBS opponents. Ianello was 2-20, 1-19 against FBS competition. The loser of the Akron-UB game was most likely going to find themselves without a coach.

UB's win over Akron was a preview of the dynamic talent UB had on the roster, a glimpse of the excitement the 2013 team would bring. Brandon Murie started the game with a 93-yard kick return to the 1-yard line, which Branden Oliver took into the end zone on the next play to instantly start the game up 7-0. Oliver finished with a now-typical BO game: 29 carries, 237 yards and 2 TDs.

Chazz Anderson provided a clean game 19 for 25, 155 yards and 2 TDs. In hindsight the Chazz experiment was a failure, but this game served as a reminder that Anderson was only a stop against Ball State, and an extra point against Northern Illinois from a 5-7 season.

On defense, Colby Way had a sack, Khalil Mack had 2, and a forced fumble, recovered by Steven Means. Najja Johnson stole an Akron scoring chance by grabbing the first of nine career interceptions, this one on the one-yard line. It was the first glimpse of the defense that would dominate the MAC in 2013.