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#92 Game in UB History: UB vs LeSean McCoy

Summer is over. It is countdown to kickoff season. In 2012, Bull Run wanted you to "Know Your Bulls" In 2013 Bull Run took you on the "Road to Columbus" This year Bull Run is counting down the top games in UB football's FBS history.

Conrad Mostiller

Ed. Note: Who owns the jersey felt redundant as UB Football twitter is doing a similar countdown (see above). Follow them and their countdown which features graphics probably prepared by a paid social media professional. Besides our market research shows the new theme will pander to your sense of nostalgia and stimulate more conversation. Dance puppets!

Before moving to #92, a quick look at the games we missed while having a different countdown theme:

#99: 2007 - UB 17, Bowling Green 31

#98: 2010 - UB 9, Miami 21

#97: 2011 - UB 17, EMU 30

#96: 2002 - UB 10, Akron 21

#95: 2007 - UB 21, Baylor 34

#94: 2001 - UB 44, Ohio 0 (ed. note bolded cause HA...Ohio had 2 yards passing in that game, still probably blame the 44 point shut out loss on one arbitrary call in the 1st quarter because Ohio fan!)

#93: 2011 - UB 28, BGSU 42

Who is wearing #92 in 2015?

No one

#92 UB Football Game

September 6, 2008 - UB 16, Pittsburgh 27

UB fell to the Panthers who would finish the season 9-4 while playing with current Buffalo Bill LeSean McCoy. That said, the game was closer than the final score indicated: UB led by six after the first quarter, and was down only 1 point for most of the game.

The Panthers came into the game after a loss against Bowling Green and were still shell-shocked. Buffalo dominated the first quarter, driving into scoring range twice and shutting down Pitt's offense. Instead of a 10 point deficit with their defense on the field, Pitt was down only six due to a blocked UB field goal, and blocked UB extra point. A failed third down conversion by Pitt was nullified by a questionable personal foul call on Mike Newton. The penalty extended the drive and Pitt capitalized with a LeSean McCoy touchdown for the 7-6 Pittsburgh lead.

Down 17-9 early in the third, a 61 yard strike from Drew Willy to Brett Hamlin put the Bulls back within 1 but Pittsburgh scored 10 in the 4th and suffocated UB with their defense to hold on to the 27-16 win.

Shady McCoy ran 20 times for 93 yards and 3 TDs. Many in Buffalo hope he can put up numbers like that this fall.