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Who owns the jersey? #94

Summer is over. It is countdown to kickoff season. In 2012, Bull Run wanted you to "Know Your Bulls" In 2013 Bull Run took you on the "Road to Columbus" This year Bull Run asks "Who Owns the Jersey?" We will countdown from jersey number 99 to jersey number 1 both previewing the current owner of the jersey and the FBS-era all-time owner of the jersey.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Who is wearing #94 in 2015?

No one

Who Owns #94?

Sagan Atuatasi

At 6'3 334, Sagan was one of the biggest athletes to play for the newly D-1A Bulls. Not only was he large in size, but Los Alamitos native also had a big pedigree; before coming to UB he was originally committed to the University of Southern California.

At UB, Atuatasi played 23 games where he recorded 31 tackles and 2 TFLs.

By the end of the decade UB would go from importing Southern California lineman to exporting starting QBs to California, but that's literally a story for another day.