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73 days to kickoff: An Almost Perfect Start

The UB D-1 Era opened with a close one

#73 UB Football Game

September 11, 1999 - UB 10, Akron 17

Akron's James Washington was the first to score against UB as a D-1 team and kicker Scott Keller scored UB's first D-1 points. Down 17-3 in the fourth quarter, Joe Freedy found Drew Haddad for a 32-yard TD, the first TD in UB's D-1 history and closed the deficit to 17-10.

Despite nearly 12 minutes remaining in the game, neither team was able to score again, and UB lost the game 17-10. UB squandered chances early, fumbling on the 14-yard line and turning 1st and goal on the 6-yard line into a field goal attempt that was blocked by Akron.

The loss was the first of two 7-point losses in the winless 1999 season, UB would have to wait over a year for their first D-1 win against Bowling Green.