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76 days to kickoff: Andy Fidler and the safety that wasn't

Did Fidler know Leipold was coming?

Who is wearing #76 in 2015?

Andy Fidler

Hometown: Port Washington, Wisconsin

Year: Redshirt Freshman

Position: Offensive Line

High School: Port Washington

Freshman (2014): Fidler Redshirted

Outlook: We are expecting an increase in Wisconsin recruits due to the Leipold hire, Fidler is the only existing Bull from the state. Fidler was out of Leipold's range with offers from UB, BGSU, Wyoming, North Dakota and Fordham, but he played only 90 minutes from the UW-Whitewater campus so Leipold may be more familiar with his game than other Bulls. That may prove to be the X-factor as Fidler fights for playing time this season.

#76 UB Football Game

November 5, 2013 - UB 30, Ohio 3

Many of the 2013 games fall low on this countdown due to the fact that the games weren't close. This game, well it depends on the color of your shirt. Ohio Green, and a controversial call LED to a UB Victory. You where UB Blue and a controversial call added 2 points to what was ALREADY shaping up to be a UB Rout.

UB started slow as always that season, but the defense was strong. A UB fumble recovery set the Bulls up for their only score of the first half, a 2-yard run by Branden Oliver. With the score 7-3, UB's defense put Ohio in an obvious passing down on their first drive of the second half. Tyler Tettleton, spooked by Mack, inexplicably sprinted backwards before ground the ball to avoid a Mack Sack. What should have been 4th and forever from the 3, was ruled a safety.

Now up 9-3, and with the ball starting in Ohio territory, UB scored their second TD to make the score 16-3. UB would score TDs on their next two drives while Ohio would not threaten to score again.

Because of the shift in the games momentum, many point to the botched call as the turning point in the game. However:

1) The real turning point was Tettleton running back 15 yards, even without the bad call, Ohio punts from the 3-yard line, and UB starts to put pressure on with the field position severely slanted in their favor.

2) If a bad call with you down six points, breaks your spirt and leads to a 21-0 run, you were gonna lose anyway. You didn't have enough spirit if that destroyed it. (Also a good time to mention in the 10 quarters after that safety Ohio was outscored 114-13, their spirit must have really really been broken by that safety.)

Branden Oliver led the way with 34 runs for 249 yards and 2 TDs. Neutz took advantage of his chances with 4 receptions of 79 yards and 2 TDs. Khalil Mack got in Tettletons' head with 3 QB hurries, and a half sack, while Jarrett Franklin did most of the heavy lifting with 8 tackles, and 1.5 sacks.