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84 days to kickoff: Jamarl Eiland and a new Lelow

71% of the earth is covered by water, but nothing can cover Jamarl Eiland

Who is wearing #84 in 2015?

Jamarl Eiland

Hometown: Canton, Michigan

Year: Redshirt Sophomore

Position: Wide Receiver

High School: Plymouth

Freshman (2013): Eiland Redshirted

Redshirt Freshman (2014): Eiland caught 4 balls for 89 yards in 2014 and added 8 returns for 102 yards.

Outlook: Eiland at 5'10 will see competition for playing time with UAB transfer Collin Lisa who is also 5'10. Eiland returned two punts in the 2014 finale for 20 yards and he may have his biggest impact in 2015 as a punt returner. With Campbell set to graduate after 2015, Eiland could be groomed to become the next special teams return specialist for the Bulls.

#84 UB Football Game

August 29, 2002 - UB 26 - Lehigh 37

Buffalo finished their first season under new coach Jim Hofher 2-1 outscoring their opponents 84-60. In 2002, they looked to start the season with a win against FCS Lehigh. Lehigh, coached by Staten Island native and current Ball State coach Pete Lembo, had a 45-5 record since 1998 and were not intimidated by the Bulls despite the awful start to the game.

Lehigh started by fumbling the ball on their own 15 which led to an Aaron Leeper touchdown run. UB forced a three-and-out on Lehigh's next drive and Andre Forde returned the put 83 yards for another UB touchdown and a 13-0 lead.

Lehigh however scored 23 points before UB could answer with a field goal before the end of the half. The 13-0 lead turned into a 23-16 halftime deficit.

A 36 yard Secky to Knueven TD pass evened up the score but the ensuing kickoff was returned to midfield. Lehigh quickly scored to go back up 30-23. Buffalo answered with a drive to the 17 yard line, but they only came away with 3 points, the score 30-26. Late in the fourth, as UB pushed to re-take the lead, a Secky pass was intercepted and returned for a touchdown, sealing the Lehigh victory.

UB went on to defeat Rutgers the following week, only to lose every other game in the 2002 season, including 4 games by two TDs or less. One can only wonder if a win at Lehigh and a 2-0 start in 2002 would have drastically altered the fortunes of the Hofher-era Bulls.