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87 days to kickoff: Ending an embarrassing FCS losing streak

Our long FCS nightmare finally over

Who is wearing #87 in 2015?

No one

#87 UB Football Game

October 10, 2009 - UB 40, Gardner-Webb 3

Turner Gill took all the bad mojo around the UB program and turned it all around. He gave UB their first FBS 5 win season, then their first winning season, their first MAC Championship and their first bowl game. Although 2009 was a disappointing year, Gill, in his final year gave UB one more first before leaving.

In 1999, UB lost to FCS UConn and Hofstra. In 2002, UB lost to FCS Lehigh. In 2003, UB lost to FCS Colgate. Limping into the Gardner-Webb game at 1-4 including two losses by at total of 13 points, the Bulls had a chance to break a four-game losing streak spanning 11 years.

UB did just that with extreme prejudice. Ike Nduka ran 24 times for 131 yards and 2 TDs, Brett Hamlin caught 6 balls for 132 yards and a TD and Jesse Rack caught 2 TDs to lead UB to a 40-3 victory.

Zach Maynard played one of three games in 2009 without an interception or a fumble. UB was 3-0 and outscored opponents 105-37 in those games. In his other games 9 games he had 11 fumbles & 15 interceptions, UB was 2-7 and outscored 184-248.

On defense the secondary of Newton, Thomas, Cook, Shannon and Lott made stops when they needed them, and Steven Means led the Bulls with 2 sacks.