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Buffalo Bulls Basketball Player Preview: Will Rodell Wigginton Have A Bigger Role This Season?

Rodell's entering his senior season. He had some very good games last season, with a few key players leaving this season, can he get a bigger role?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Senior and Canadian, Rodell Wigginton had an impressive season and showed that he could be worthy of a starting position. Wigginton had averaged 7 points and 4 rebounds this past season including 10 double digit scoring games and a 15 point scoring outing against Kentucky. Wigginton has also been a big help on defense for the Bulls. He did play about 22 minutes last season which is a lot, but should he be moving closer to the 30 minute mark?

Why it makes sense - UB lost some very important players and could be on the verge of losing yet another. Wigginton would make sense as a fill in at the starting guard position until Coach Oats figures out who's best for the vacant guard spot caused by the departure of Shannon Evans.

Wigginton would provide an efficient source of offense, execellent wing defense as well as experience which the Bulls are going to need at least until we figure out everyone's role.

Why doesn't make sense - The chances of him being added to the starting lineup is very much reliant on whether or not Torian Graham is actually staying, though we could be better off if we have the contending players compete for the position prior to the season, rather than just issuing the spot to Wigginton or Graham. The Bulls would be better off figuring out what the plan is prior to the season rather than figuring out during the season which could be costly.

It'll probably be the 3/ Small Foreward spot that they'll be competing for because of their hieght, this could mean a move to the shooting guard sport for Jarryn Skeete.

A player that can score and create plays here and there would be the best candidate in my opinion. Despite being and efficient scorer, Wigginton has been inconsistent amongst games; he has the tendency to go from a double digit performance to a low single digit performance and vice versa from game to game.

-We know what Rodell will give us, ironically, question is, is he the answer? What do you guys think, should he be the starter?