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How can UB Athletics make it up to ticketholders losing their seats?

Blue and White Club

Tim threw this up on Twitter later last night, and between the timing and the number of our readers who aren't on Twitter I don't think it got noticed as much as it could have. Also I am a shameless pageviews and comments whore.

Today's a day without any UB sports and it's been a few days now since the announcement of the West Club, which will bring premier club seating to UB Stadium quickly by converted the 200 level midfield sections and parts of the suite level into 400 high-priced seats, which will bring in much-needed funds to a department that's behind the rest of the conference in facilities and desperately needs a fieldhouse.

On this site, though, the hot-button issue has been from the perspective of season ticket holders who will now lose their seats as they are priced out of the sections they've sat in previously. I bring Tim's tweet above to you all now: What can happen this year, in tandem with the West Club, to make up the fact that you're getting pushed out?

Please keep in mind that the West Club is happening, and UB needs it. A large portion of seats there are already spoken for thanks to early commitments to the East Club.

I'll also ask that, though we generally have a long leash for off-topic conversations here, that we avoid rehashing the fact that anyone getting moved or priced out is bad, or any feelings about White. Those discussions are still ongoing in the first post linked above as well as in Kevin's FanPost over here. My hope is that with this post we can propose solutions.

With that, what should the department do to accommodate season ticket holders who no longer have a seat to renew?