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UB Athletics teasing "BIG" Announcement on 17 April

UB Athletics

This is separate from this afternoon's earlier post on University-wide branding strategy, but again comes from the world of UB emails.

On April 17th, still two-plus weeks away, UB Football will hold a "Spring BBQ Bash." Most of the accompanying details are predictable and not unexpected; it's a fundraising/community outreach dinner and "evening of fun."

The reason it's meriting a post here in its own right is the promise of a patented "BIG Announcement" from Danny White. Full disclosure: I haven't seen the email, but I'm told "BIG" is exactly how it was presented in the message.

For some, the "big announcements" and "big news" have become a running joke, as they've been hit-and-miss in the past. NYBI was "big news," but so was Kool and the Gang. Given that, whatever the news is could be wonderful and totally worth the wait, or it could be something that's just nice, and kind of cool.

Assuming it's football-related, here's a list of what comes to mind. Feel free to add your own in the comments. First the plausible:

  • East Club
  • Fieldhouse or other Facilities Master Plan work
  • Football uniform tweak
  • Khalil Mack retired jersey/number/whatever UB does and doesn't do there
  • Football gameday experience tweak

Less plausible (generally this stuff would actually be "big news"):

  • The best-kept conference realignment secret ever
  • PegulaBucks
  • Victor E. Bull refurbish
That's what I've got. Make your guesses in the comments.