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Why Buffalo's Justin Moss Should Be MAC Player of the Year

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Presented here are the top 20 scores in the conference, because being among the top 20 or so scorers is the bare minimum you would expect from the MAC player of the year. The case could be made that you should be a top 5 but That would leave Holmes from Bowling Green out and he is definitely part of the conversation.

Also included in the table is how those top 20 scorers fare in other statistical areas. Outside of scoring the MAC tracks the top 15 players on their site, so if a student athlete was a top 20 scorer and a top 15 player in another field they are on this table.

The idea I'm working with is that you've got to be good at more than just points one thing to merit serious consideration for MAC Player of the Year.

MOSS, Justin-UB JR 18.4 9.3 0.528 0.740 24
BROWN, Julius-UT SR 16.4 133 0.862
LEE, Raven-EMU JR 16.4 0.781 45
NDOUR, Maurice-OHIO SR 15.6 8.2 0.789 65
HALL, Jimmy-KSU SO 15.5 7.2 0.531 27
EVANS, Shannon-UB SO 15.3 142 0.803 52
FOWLER, Chris-CMU JR 15.3 0.498 174 44
BROWN, David-WMU SR 15.1 0.723 41
WILLIS, Javarez-OHIO SR 15 87
HOLMES, Richaun-BGSU SR 14.7 8 0.557 78
WASHINGTON, Eric-MIAMI JR 14.5 169 0.798 45
MANLEY, Devareaux-KSU SR 13.6
DRUMMOND, Justin-UT SR 13 0.768
TAVA, Connar-WMU JR 12.8 6.3 0.528 110
WEATHERSPOON, J.D.-UT SR 12.8 8 0.562
WARD, Karrington-EMU SR 12.7 6.4 40 43
TALLEY, Mike-EMU SR 12.6 130 50
HAYMOND, Tucker-WMU SO 12.4 0.509 0.737
SIMONS, John-CMU JR 12.1 6.4 0.496 124 0.783
SELLERS, Sean-BSU FR 11.9 0.807

On top of leading the MAC in points and rebounds you'll see Moss is a top 15 player in every category save assists and steals.

He is two points better than the next best scorer, Julius Brown of Toledo and his conference leading 9.3 rebounds a game is more than a full rebound better than the next guy in line, Maurice Ndour of Ohio.

You could make a case for Eastern Michigan's Raven Lee. He seems to be the fire which drives the Eagles but outside of hits 16.4 points per game and impressively quick hands on defense he's not blowing the doors off of anyone.

Should Moss win the MAC Player of the Year he would succeed Javon McCrea and become the third Bull in the past four seasons to win the honor. Looking ahead, with another year of Moss and two more of Evans, it might just be the middle of a continued great run.