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UB Women's Basketball Around the MAC rooting interests with two games to go

UB Athletics

The good news for UB Women's Basketball is that their two remaining games before the regular season ends and the MAC Tournament seeding is set are very winnable.

The bad news is that from last game, nothing has changed for UB relative to the key #4-#5 threshold that determines the bye. Buffalo still needs help to jump two teams, and there's one game less to do it.

The good news, at least, is that I don't believe the Bulls can fall out of a first-round home game. Last round of games, we were set up that everything that could go right for UB to jump into a bye could also send them down to the home-game threshold if UB lost. Unfortunately for bye hopes, every game went against us, but that did improve our chances of a campus-round home game should we collapse.

Anyway, UB is sitting sixth, needed to jump two of Akron, Toledo, and Western Michigan. The good(ish) news is that UB is 1-1 head to head with each, and has a win over #2 seed Ball State, so the tiebreaker situation could be a lot worse.

Today's games:

Ohio (14-2) at Kent State (3-13): KENT STATE

Ohio's locked up #1, so this is just for chaos' sake.

Ball State (11-5) at Central Michigan (7-9): BALL STATE

This game doesn't really affect UB either way. Buffalo can't drop below CMU and someone else.

Toledo (10-6) at Northern Illinois (7-9): NORTHERN ILLINOIS

We need to gain a game on UT somehow.

Western Michigan (10-6) at Eastern Michigan (9-7): EASTERN MICHIGAN

UB's 1-0 vs EMU, 1-1 vs WMU, so I wouldn't mind a tie with the Eagles. And we need to gain a game on WMU somehow.

Miami (4-12) at Akron (10-6): MIAMI

We have to gain a game on Akron somehow.


Simply put, home teams and Miami.

Go Bulls!