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With two to play, UB Men's Basketball is poised for a top-two seed. Here's how.

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It's March. It's the homestretch. We're once again in a familiar spot: UB has a team that is very, very good in the MAC, but hasn't rolled over all comers for whatever reason. It happened in 2009 and it happened in 2012. But the Bulls are in great shape considering where they were three games ago: 6-6 with disadvantageous tiebreakers against half the teams above them.

These "Who to Root For" posts are, broadly, less useful now. Buffalo's in a place where if they take care of business, they're set for a top-four seed and will likely be in the tiebreaker mix for a top-two.

That said, this and Saturday's Friday's last edition will look at this week's games through the five different scenarios presented in Sunday's tiebreakers piece in which UB gets a top-two seed. Catch that piece here:

Top two MAC seeds in play - and actually growing more likely - for Buffalo Bulls Men's Basketball - Bull Run
Hoo boy, it's getting exciting. You know the drill by now. We're talking tiebreakers in light of MAC game #16.


Today's games:

Toledo (11-5) at Central Michigan (11-5)

UB can hit #2 in a few scenarios with either team winning here. The path to #1 needs a UT win.

Kent State (10-6) at Bowling Green (11-5)

Either result could help UB here. The only thing we really don't want is for BG to finish with wins over Kent AND UB.

Akron (9-7) at Miami (7-9): MIAMI no matter what

We want Miami to continue their reign of terror, because we desperately want to avoid a many-way tie at 11-7

Western Michigan (9-7) at Northern Illinois (6-10): NORTHERN ILLINOIS no matter what

Same story, re: 11-7 in this one. Especially since WMU and Akron are each 1-1 against UB. Go Huskies.

Eastern Michigan (6-10) at Ball State (2-14)

This game is pretty much inconsequential


Assuming UB wins out and looking scenario-by-scenario:

UB Takes the #1 IF

1. Kent wins out (@BG, Akron), CMU loses out (UT, @WMU), UT loses to EMU

Kent State over Bowling Green

Toledo over CMU

UB Takes the #2 IF

1. CMU loses out, Toledo loses to EMU, BG beats Kent

Bowling Green over Kent State

Toledo over CMU

2. CMU wins out, Toledo beats EMU, Kent wins out

Kent State over Bowling Green

CMU over Toledo

3. CMU wins out, Toledo loses to EMU

Kent State-Bowling Green doesn't matter

CMU over Toledo

4. Toledo wins out, CMU loses to WMU

Kent State-Bowling Green doesn't matter

Toledo over CMU


So literally anything that happens today, the #2 seed is still in reach vis multiple paths for Buffalo.

Go Bulls!