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What's next for Buffalo Basketball

Buffalo got over a big hurdle by making the NCAA tournament. The monkey is off our back and it's time to start looking for the next achievement for this program. Here is what everyone needs to be doing during the off season.

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If you're Danny White:

Keeping Bobby Hurley as your coach is priority number one. At this point it's safe to say that within the next few years a power program with huge financial resources is going to sweep in for UB's coach. That means that while you can't break the bank you can perhaps bet on Hurley by making him the best paid coach in the conference.

By moving him to that position you may get another year or two out of him. It would stop the Charlotte's of the world from being able to approach UB's coach. It might even stop the Alabamas as they are college basketball's version of Kansas Football. The Tide are in a good conference and have money but they have only danced twice in the past decade.

He may want to stay in Buffalo long enough to get Shannon Evans to his senior year, or longer if properly paid. His father passed up a lot of jobs to provide his family with stability. Hurley has an opportunity to lay down roots in a community that, Buffalo News aside, loves having the man at UB.

If you raise his salary and a job too good to turn down comes along - something like a Duke or quality Big10 school - then at least his higher salary will man a higher buyout and more money for UB's next coach.

And UB's next coach needs to be in the very far corners of Danny White's mind. Is it Nate Oats?

Buffalo's current assistant coach would provide continuity and has been great on the recruiting trail. He knows the school and this team and was an accomplished high school coach before coming on with Coach Hurley. It's not "the splash" hire but it might be the right hire.

Finally you need to find some winnable quality out of conference games for next season. UB needs to trade one of those two and three hundred RPI teams like Binghamton for teams in the 25-75 range. It's ok to schedule the Kentucky's and Wisconsin's of the world but hitting up the Temple's is not a bad idea either.

If you're Bobby Hurley:

You have to keep the current recruiting class together and start to figure out how you replace Xavier Ford and Will Regan. The two players in effect fill one role on the team but it was a huge role. Ford helped carry the team through the MAC championship and it was Ford who drove UB to tie the game against West Virginia.

There was not a ton of depth on the UB bench and that needs to change. The Bulls this season were in trouble if a single player was sick, or injured, or in foul trouble. Having one or two more guys on the bench you can go to could not hurt next season.

To that end Hurley needs to keep this class together. The players coming in Nate Navigato and Nick Perkins will build on the already outstanding athleticism of this team. Then the transfers like Torian Graham and Maurice O'Field can make an immediate impact.

If you're the players:

For Regan and Ford it's all about enjoying the end of the college experience. You two got to finish your NCAA careers at the dance and have the love of a school for your efforts.

For the guys coming back next year they need to quickly decompress and then hit the books for next finals. The team next year is set up for a monster season but if you find yourself academically ineligible you won't get to enjoy it. sixweeks to get ready for finals and with no more away games means that you have time to finish the year strong.

If you're a True Blue student:

Kent and Bowling Green gave you a glimpse of what your experience could be like every game. For the seniors on the team next year will be totally different but for the seniors in True Blue next year just means different seats. When the Alumni and Students come out in force everyone has a good time, don't lose that.

Your job is to keep up the momentum. Football starts in August but even before that there is Baseball, Softball, Track, Tennis and other sports that could sure use a dose of that hoops support. Danny White has a masters facility plan which includes great spectator venues for these sports and this spring you can show him it's needed.

Follow Bull Run and we will keep you informed of upcoming events. If a tiny fraction of True Blue show up at a baseball or softball game it would be huge.

If you're a non-student fan:

For alumni and non-alumni alike the best thing you can do for UB Hoops is to donate to the Basketball Excellence Fund.

If you read the "If you're Danny White" section and nodded in agreement then the BEF is your chance to give White the tools needed to squeeze another year or three out of Hurley.

It will also help to get those seasons tickets purchased as soon as they are available.