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2015 NCAA Tournament: With Buffalo out, who are you rooting for?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

So that happened. Bummer. Still a great season. Hooray.

I'm sure most of you filled a bracket this year. I didn't, because I ran out of time while writing things here (It's a tough life). BUT even though by the end of tonight over half of this year's tournament teams will be eliminated, there's still plenty of drama left, and since we're a sports blog, we can still talk about it.

I think. Last year UB lost and I abandoned Bull Run for two months. That won't happen again.

Anyway, right now there's still a good handful of first second-round games left, but the fun only concentrates from here. Who are you rooting for the rest of the way out? What games are you dying to see?


Kind of an ugly mix of already-successful mid-majors and power schools here. Only Valpo-Maryland is left, and while I don't love Valpo, I can't stand Maryland.

And truth be told, I don't have an issue with WVU. They played physical, and I'm in the minority of people who like Bob Huggins, but I like them. Any combination of West Virginia - Butler - Wichita State success here is good for me.


Still waiting for the Wisconsin pod to even start, but I like them. Otherwise, Georgia State is the only one that stands out, but oh how they stand out. Onward, Fighting Hunters! And stop falling off that stool!


Nobody I really love here, with a handful of early games still to end, but also nothing I really don't like. NC State has the UB connection, but is so up and down. Irvine is doing things against Louisville, but I don't know if they can make it. Northern Iowa I guess?


UAB. It's got to be UAB. Turner Battle to the Sweet Sixteen! I also like Davidson, don't hate Gonzaga, wouldn't mind a Utah run.


What are you all thinking? Whether it's a pick in your bracket or just a team you love, who's got your eye?

Go Bulls