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2015 NCAA Tournament: Thursday March Madness Open Thread

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

TRUE STORY I typed all of this forgetting that we had a real, live Buffalo Basketball game tonight. Thousands of apologies go to the UB Women's Basketball team.


That game is at 7:00 PM. I *believe* this link is a free video stream from WVU, but you should really just listen to Sloane on this link.

Go Bulls


We're finally here, the NCAA Tournament, and we have to wait a day!

But, Matt, it's another day for Justin Moss to heal.

Fine. But basketball is still happening and I'm still waiting for UB to do the thing.

Let's pass our time by watching basketball and talking about it. It's worked for us so many times before.

Schools playing today with Buffalo connections

NC State (8) vs LSU (9), 9:20 PM

Assistant Coach Levi Watkins' alma mater doesn't get started til late, and is fighting to play Villanova in the second round.

Kentucky (1) vs Hampton (16), 9:40 PM

Hey, did you know UB led Kentucky at the half this year? Even though Justin Moss has a heart condition?

Xavier (6) vs Ole Miss (11), 4:10 PM

On one side you've got MATT STAINBROOK! and on the other you've got Danny White's most recent stop before coming to Buffalo. Let's just hope it doesn't come down to free throws.

VCU (7) vs Ohio State (10), 4:40 PM

VCU's late season struggles have coincided with the loss of Briante Weber, Shannon Evans' cousin.

UAB (14) vs Iowa State (3), 12:40 PM

TURNER BATTLE MAKES THE DACE WOOOOOO. Go Blazers! UB-UAB National Championship game, anyone?

Other than Buffalo, who are you rooting for?

My alma mater isn't in the Dance, so there's that.

I like Wisconsin and would like to see them in the Final Four. Don't like Georgetown, would like to see them lose to a double-digit seed again. It's always fun to see the Fighting Izzos become a different team in March, so go Spartans over Georgia, there.

What's your riskiest bracket choice?

I have not made a bracket this year, so I can't commiserate. But I think no matter what you're going to be taking a huge risk with Villanova's path to the Elite 8: is Northern Iowa woefully under- or over-seeded? Depends on who you ask!

I also think the South Region is a minefield with Duke and Gonzaga anchoring the top two seeds there. All in all though, it doesn't feel like there's lots of upsets happening this year. I'd put Texas, Davidson, and Buffalo as my three double-digit seeds most likely to make the Sweet Sixteen.

What top-two seed do you dislike the most?

You can't say Duke anymore. For me it's Kentucky. Never liked 'em.

Watch games online at

But remember there's a time limit. Use Incognito Browsing in Chrome, just like you do to get around The Buffalo News' paywall, to watch as much as you want.

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