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LEADING OFF: Articles that complain about UB uniforms are a disgrace

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

I think we have found the king of hate!

What the heck is "New York" still doing on the University at Buffalo Bulls basketball uniforms?

Maybe they figure that it belongs on the uniforms because New York has been on the school's diplomas since the 1960's.

Unbelievable. Probably one of the top five dumbest uniform changes of all time. I cringe every time I see one. They are pathetic.

You may like them or not like them but there have been dozens or hundreds of worse uniforms in all of sports. If this is a top-five bad uniform you are a very limited person.

Haven't we trashed the moron who came up with the "New York" idea on the UB uniform enough already? No we haven't. It's embarrassing.

Hard to trash a guy who (1) gets more people to games, (2) gets UB on the radio throughout the state, and (3) got us to the Dance with a very risky coaching change.

So no. Right now nobody is hating on Danny White because you would have to be a misanthropic ass hat to be hung up on seeing "New York" on the State University of New York's uniform.

How can so many supposedly intelligent people come up with such a preposterous idea for a Buffalo university? Mr. Bright Idea came up with the laughable plan, but who are the brain dead administrators who went along with it? Are the inmates running the asylum at UB? Apparently, yes.

You mean "a Buffalo university [also located in Amherst which is the largest school and athletics program within the State University system.]"

I could see certain New York state schools wearing the "New York" name, but I could never accept any "Buffalo" sports team — college or pro — wearing the New York name so prominently like that.

What team, other than that of the largest school in the state system should wear the banner of "New York"?

And don't give me that, "It's New York state" point either. Then why isn't "New York" featured prominently on every other state college uniform? Because it's a dumb idea, that's why.

Lets start with this. UB is the largest, best endowed, school in the state. Institutionally it stands alone as a research institution in NY.  For that reason "New York State" is *OUR* mantle to pick up.

Who the hell would be dumb enough to feature a uniform with the giant words "New York" on it? Only the Buffalo Bulls. Congratulations.

And damn that University in Columbus for calling themselves Ohio State. Or the one in Athens for calling themselves Ohio University.

Shame on the idiot who desecrated those uniforms. Somebody fire that guy and let's bring back the old jerseys. At least they got the school right.

Only in the world of B-rate Western New York print media would someone who claims to be a fan of this team, a team he calls a Buffalo team, spend *THIS WEEK* pissing and moaning about the uniforms.

Just another national sports embarrassment for B-U-F-F-A-L-O, where Rodney Dangerfield's famous one-liner still rings true today.