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2015 NCAA Tournament: The Official Bull Run, Buffalo-friendly, bracket

I'm not filing out a bracket this year. I just want to cheer. I've gotten sick of being unhappy with a great finish.

So this year, here's the Buffalo Fan Bracket. What's the best case scenario for Bulls fans?

Midwest Region

2015 Midwest Regional

Obviously we're pulling Buffalo all the way through, but we're drawing Wichita State to the Elite 8 with them. I want the Shockers to enjoy wild success without now-Bowling Green coach Chris Jans, to show that he was inessential to the program.

Notre Dame gets some love for not hiring Jeff Quinn, and Kentucky, we want revenge. Other picks of note are the Valparaiso Crusaders for the Mid-Continent rematch, and Cincinnati in a coin flip for the more distant Jeff Quinn/Reed Sunahara.

2015 East region

NC State is getting the nod here as the alma mater of assistant coach Levi Watkins. Michigan State gets a nod from me because they beat EMU earlier this year.

Providence is no good because Danny Hurley should have the best program in his state, and Oklahoma gets a bit of a run as a reward for beating the crap out of Albany. Wyoming is our friend because by all accounts they were the team that knocked Temple out of the tournament.

2015 south region

Duke, Hurley's alma mater, get the nod here, and UAB needs a pick-me-up, so those are the Elite 8. Otherwise, there's not a lot here. I wanted to pick RMU through, but not over Duke. St. John's losing early is nice. North Dakota State beat South Dakota State, a UB opponent, to get here, so they get a nod.

2015 West Region

We want Wisconsin! On Wisconsin. Baylor are our friends, so we'll push them through. VCU is the incubator of Anthony Grant, the (until-recently) head coach of Alabama and Reggie Witherspoon's boss. I would put Xavier further, but they have Matt Stainbrook. If you don't remember him, I'm sad for you.

2015 final four

Final Four: Buffalo vs Wisconsin, and Duke vs North Carolina State. Obviously, UB over the Badgers, their second revenge game of the tournament, and then Buffalo vs Duke in a game that may very well break this website.


This will probably not come to pass, but other than Wofford and Arkansas, I think it's pretty darn good. If you win a couple thousand dollars, give us a cut.