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Buffalo Bulls projected in most brackets as a 2015 NCAA Tournament 12 seed

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The question is no longer "Will Buffalo get in?" and is now "What seed and what opponent will Buffalo draw?"

This is a great, great question to have to ask. Looking around at various bracket projections, UB looks to be a pretty good bet for a 12 seed, historically a popular place for upsets, and nearly always good for at least one among the four 12-5 games.

I shouldn't go far without pointing you towards The Bracket Matrix, which compiles scores of bracket predictions in one place. Jerry Palm and Joe Lunardi have a particular platform, and they're good, but there are many, many others out there.

With that, let's look at what people are projecting.

The Big Two

Joe Lunardi and Jerry Palm are the most visible, so I have to tell you about them. Lunardi's got us as a 12-seed in Jacksonville, facing off against Arkansas with a potential next game against Baylor or Valparaiso. MID CON THROWBACK FOR THE SWEET SIXTEEN.

Palm also has us as a 12, in Columbus against Butler with a potential next-round game against Oklahoma or Steven F. Austin. Columbus... would be awesome. There would be so many Bulls fans.

The Mothership

Chris Dobbertean at SB Nation is the guy here. He's pretty swell. He's ALSO got Buffalo as a 12 in Columbus, first against a hot SMU team and then potentially against Oklahoma or Eastern Washington.

I will take anything that puts us in Columbus.

A few others

Fox Sports also has the Bulls as a 12, against Louisville. I don't love that, but it's still in Columbus. The potential second-round game is Oklahoma or Harvard.

Yahoo Sports has UB on the 12 line, without projecting a specific bracket, but has some scarier teams on his #5 line.

Our SBNation comrades at Mid Major Madness don't do a full bracket, but they project out where each conference champion would land, and have us at #12, as well.

A number of sites that I'd like to use either aren't updated from yesterday or didn't check that Central Michigan lost that game, so I'll probably update this post later today.