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Buffalo Bulls Renegotiating Bobby Hurley Contract

With the Buffalo Bulls making a trip to the NCAA tournament the chances of a big money program sniffing around 2nd year head coach Bobby Hurley just went from slim to plausible. We've already had to endure the "chatter" coming from "informed" fans of middling teams who are a lateral, or *maybe* slightly higher profile than Buffalo.

Now those whispers are sure to grow.

Hurley has brought Buffalo some hardware, it's time to do everything we can to lock him down, or at the very least thin out the number of programs that can poach him. Nothing will stop a B10 school from buying a MAC coach, well almost

Jim Christian was making in $425,000 dollars at Ohio. That should be the pre bonus base for Hurley. Then restructure the contract in a similar fashion to what we say this season.

Hurley's current base salary is only $250,000 on top of that he gets $50,000 to cover things like "The Bobby Hurley Show".

Other money he got this year. 20,000 dollars for winning a MAC regular season championship, 20,000 dollars for wining the Mid American Conference tournament, and $5,000 for the team maintaining their APR.

That's 345,000 dollars this season. If he wins some games in the NCAA tournament there are other incentives to be had.

Then there are the ticket sales.

Danny White put a clause in Bobby Hurley's contract giving the coach a cut of UB ticket sales when they go above 300,000 dollars. Once UB hit's that mark the Buffalo coach gets 25% of every dollar.

I like the idea of the ticket revenue bonus when Hurley was signed. The 300,000 dollars came from the average sales in the three seasons before Hurley came to Buffalo. It was a way to bet on Hurley and marry his compensation to the departments success.

When the Buffalo News tweeted out that Hurley's contract was under all I could think was "This should be easy"

Reset the ticket revenue target to the last three years, up his base compensation to 400,000 and keep the other incentives as they are.

Final extend the term to as many years as possible.

If someone want's to hire away our coach let's make sure they need to bring seven figures to do it and a nice check for UB to go find another coach if that happens.

If I were Danny White I would have a contract, or at the very least a statement of understanding, ready for Hurley to sign before UB knows who their next opponent it. Clearly he's worth it.

If you want to help give White more resources to keep Hurley in Buffalo now might be a time to hit up the Basketball Excellence Fund