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Buffalo Bulls claim NCAA Tournament bid, MAC Championship, with win over Central Michigan Chippewas




You want me to use words?


I cried when Yassin was introduced on Senior Night.

I cried when Starks ran it in against Bowling Green.

I cried when McCrea hit a three on his Senior Night.

I somehow held it together during this Women's Soccer season.

But I am bawling now. The Bulls are going to the NCAA Tournament, the Big Dance for the first time in program history.


This is for you, Turner and Reggie and Kwitch.

This is for you, Warde Manuel, Bill Maher, Nelson Townsend, and every other UB Athletics Director.

This is for you, Yassin, Mitchell, and Javon.

This is for you, Byron, Rodney, Jarod, and Calvin.

This is for you, Jeseph and Paul.

This is for you, Bobby and Nate and Levi and Ben.

This is for you, Josh Whetzel.

This is for you, True Blue.

This is for you, UB Mop Guy.

This is for you, Will and Xavier.

This is for us, Bulls Fans. Just go out there and dance. And Drink. But do that responsibly. Dance however you want.


We'll have much, much more coming, both tonight and through tomorrow through the runup to the selection show and once UB's opponent is announced. Expect

Go Bulls