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How UB Wrestling Fared Against This Year's NCAA Qualifiers

With the selections for the NCAA tournament announced yesterday, let's take a look at how UB's wrestlers fared against this year's qualifiers.

125 lbs
UB Wrestler Opponent Opponent School Match Result (For UB)
Max Soria Dominic Parisi Appalachian State W, 5-3 Decision
Soria Tyler Cox Wyoming L, 19-17 Decision
Soria Tim Lambert Nebraska L, 12-2 Major Decision
Soria Dylan Peters Northern Iowa L, 12-0 Major Decision
Soria Alan Waters Missouri L, 8-2 Decision

133 lbs
UB Wrestler Opponent Opponent's School Match Result (For UB Wrestler)
Sean Peacock Ronald Perry Lock Haven L, 10-2 Major Decision
Peacock Scott DelVecchio Rutgers L, Pinfall
Peacock Mack McGuire Kent State L, 7-2 Decision
Peacock Nick Soto Chattanooga L, 11-0 Major Decision

141 lbs
UB Wrestler Opponent

Opponent's School

Match Result
Jason Estevez Mike Longo Appalachian State W, 6-5 Decision
Estevez Jamel Hudson Hofstra L, 7-2 Decision
Estevez Anthony Ashnault Rutgers L, 12-3 Major Decision
Estevez Zach Horan CMU L, 7-1 Decision
Estevez Geo Martinez Boise State L, 9-0 Major Decision
Colt Cotten Chris Mecate Old Dominion L, 5-4 Decision

149 lbs
UB Wrestler Opponent Opponent's School Match Result (For UB Wrestler)
Justin Cooksey Ryan Mosely Gardner-Webb L, 4-0 Decision
Cooksey Ken Theobold Rutgers L, 16-3 Major Decision
Cooksey Mike Depalma Kent State L, Pinfall
Cooksey Tywan Claxton Ohio L, 14-1 Major Decision

157 lbs
UB Wrestler Opponent Opponent's School Match Result (For UB Wrestler)
Wally Maziarz Russell Parsons Army L, 3-1 Decision
Alex Smythe Justin DeAngelis Oklahoma L, 18-1 Technical Fall
Maziarz Anthony Perrotti Rutgers L, 6-1 Decision
Maziarz Ian Miller Kent State L, Pinfall
Smythe Cody Pack South Dakota State L, 16-0 Technical Fall
Smythe Markus Scheidel Columbia L, 8-3 Decision
Danny Graham Spartak Chino Ohio L, 14-5 Major Decision
Graham Joe Lavallee Missouri L, 18-4 Major Decision
Ryan Kromer Brandon Zeerip EMU L, 14-4 Major Decision

165 lbs
UB Wrestler Opponent Opponent's School Match Result (For UB)
Rrok Ndokaj Coleman Gracey Army L, 13-3 Major Decision
Ryan Therrien Dakota Friesth Wyoming L, Technical Fall
Ndokaj Alex Dieringer Oklahoma State L, 17-2 Technical Fall
Ndokaj Tristan Warner Old Dominion L, 12-3 Major Decision
Ndokaj Tyrel White Columbia L, 4-3 Decision
Ndokaj Harrison Hightower Ohio L, 7-0 Decision
Ndokaj Mike England Missouri L, 5-3 Decision

174 lbs

UB Wrestler Opponent Opponent's School Match Result
Jarred Lux Brian Harvey Army L, 16-0 Technical Fall
Muhamid McBryde George Pickett Cornell L, 4-1 Decision
McBryde Andy McCulley Wyoming L, Technical Fall
McBryde Jordan Ellingwood CMU L, 4-2 Decision
McBryde Kyle Crutchmer Oklahoma State L, 7-3 Decision
Maziarz Cody Walters Ohio L, 2-0 Decision
Maziarz Cody Johnston Missour L, Pinfall

184 lbs
UB Wrestler Opponent

Opponent's School

Match Result
Austin Weigel Ben Stroh Wyoming L, Pinfall
Brett Perry Tim Dudley Nebraska L, Pinfall
Weigel Jack Dechow Old Dominion L, 10-1 Decision
Perry Andrew Romanchik Ohio L, 8-2 Decision
Weigel Willie Miklus Missouri L, Pinfall
Joe Ariola Jack McKeever Binghamton L, 3-1 Decision

197 lbs
UB Wrestler Opponent Opponent's School Match Result
Joe Ariola Jace Bennett Cornell L, 5-2 Decision
Ariola Shane Woods Wyoming L, 4-0 Decision
James Benjamin Basil Minto Northern Iowa L, 15-6 Major Decision
Benjamin Nate Rotert South Dakota State L, Pinfall
Benjamin Kevin Beazley Old Dominion L, Pinfall
Benjamin Phil Wellington Ohio L, 16-6 Major Decision
Benjamin J'Den Cox Missouri L, 17-0 Technical Fall
Benjamin Anthony Abro EMU L, 6-4 Decision
Benjamin Shawn Scott NIU L, 9-5 Decision

UB Wrestler Opponent Opponent's School Match Result
Mike Silvis Denzel Dejounette Appalachian State L, 10-2 Major Decision
Silvis Ross Larson Oklahoma L, 11-5 Decision
Silvis Mimmo Lytle Kent State L, 7-3
Silvis Collin Jensen Nebraska L, 17-2 Technical Fall
Silvis Nathan Butler Stanford L, 3-0 Decision
Silvis Blaze Cabell Northern Iowa L, 19-8 Major Decision
Silvis JJ Everard South Dakota State L, 6-2 Decision
Silvis Garrett Ryan Columbia L, 6-0 Decision
Silvis Jake Henderson Old Dominion L, 3-2 Decision
Ian James Devin Mellon Missouri L, 10-1 Major Decision
James Tyler Deuel Binghamton L, 18-0 Technical Fall

So what did we learn?

Well, something I, and pretty much every one else already knows: this team is inexperienced and it shows. This is not necessarily a bad thing; sure, the staggering amount of losses to only 2 wins may seem a but much, but, given that the vast majority of the starting lineup was comprised of underclassmen taking on seniors and juniors who are the top ranked in the nation, its not so bad.

One thing I didn't realize until putting this together was the shear number of qualifiers that Mike Silvis had faced throughout the season. Sure, he had a lot of ups and downs this season, but against some of the toughest opponents he held his own and is very promising moving forward.

UB Wrestlers also faced 3 of this year's number 1 seeds in Alan Waters, Alex Dieringer, and J'Den Cox. Dieringer and Cox are both reigning national champions and are the favorites to stand atop the podium once again, while Waters has ascended to the top of the rankings at 125, one of the nations most difficult weight classes.

I also noted throughout the season that the Bulls struggled from 157 through the heavyweight weight classes, and it's no surprise that those weights have the most NCAA qualifiers faced.

Be sure to stay tuned to Bull Run for the Wrestling Season Review which should be coming in a week or so, and for all your UB Bulls news, notes and commentary.