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The Postseason Meal 2014: The Last Meal 2014

It has been 46 years since Ohio won a MAC Football Championship.

Jason Miller-USA TODAY Sports

Post Game Quote: Bill Cowher

"I'd like to have 75 degrees and sunny everyday, but that's not football."

Was this season a disaster? No.

Was it successful? No.

Am I happy? Very.

I felt Tepper had to go. If that meant Quinn had to go too, I'm ok with that.

Would I have loved to win the MAC this year, sure. But sometimes it isn't all about winning. It's about having a team and a scheme that can win consistently and having a leader that unites the program rather than splits it.

At the end of the year, we were pretty entertaining, won some good games at the end of the season, and we rid ourselves of our Quinn problem.

Everything working out for Quinn, that's like having 75 degrees and sunny, and we just don't get too many of those days in Buffalo.

Postgame Meal: Deep Dish French Toast. Beezy's Cafe, Ypsilanti, Michigan

EMU returned the favor this year by embarrassing our team and forcing the administration's hand. And like French Toast, it was so sweet. Had I been at Beezy's the following Sunday, I would have paid everyone's tab. Based on the Yelp reviews, seems EMU should drop the "factory" and just offer a shuttle from Beezy's to the stadium after brunch, it would do wonders for attendance.

Postgame Drink: New Glarus Spotted Cow

Clean and sweet, it's purposely kept cloudy with an addition of yeast to the bottle. This along with a hint of popcorn brings to mind the organic, barnyard essence of the region.

With apologies to the Bull Run Minnesota office, UB is going Wisconsin! I first tasted Spotted Cow this summer while scouting Lance Leipold and my thoughts were:

It's Lance Leipold (aka LL Cool Coach) time and I couldn't be happier. He brings a winning attitude and I believe it is the kind of out-of-the-box move that is needed if UB is to succeed.

UB's Win Kings:

Two more Bulls joined Bittner land, but thanks to a truck driver, neither Andre Davis nor Lee Skinner were able to overthrow Bittner as UB win king. With 16 wins, Joe Licata became the winning-est starting QB in the FBS era. He is also the only serious contender to UB's Win King title in 2015. Licata can win the title with five wins next season.

Other notables: Lee Skinner is now the LB with the most wins as a starter, and Courtney Lester is tied for most wins by a DB as starter with Davonte Shannon and Mike Newton.

20 Victories as Starter

  • Peter Bittner 2007-2010 (OL)
  • Andre Davis 2011-2014 (OL)
  • Lee Skinner 2011-2014 (LB)

19 Victories as Starter

  • Davonte Shannon 2007-2010 (DB)
  • Jesse Rack 2006-2009 (TE)
  • Mike Newton 2006-2009 (DB)
  • Cortney Lester 2011-2014 (DB)

17 Victories as Starter

  • Khalil Mack 2010-2013
  • Domonic Cook 2007-2010
  • Trevor Sales 2012-2014

16 Victories as Starter

  • Alex Neutz 2010-2013 (WR)
  • Naaman Roosevelt 2006-2009 (WR)
  • Jeff Niedermier 2005-2008
  • Joe Licata 2012-present (QB)

15 Victories as Starter

  • Branden Oliver 2010-2013 (RB)
  • Najja Johnson 2011-2013
  • Anel Montanez 2008-2010 (DL)
  • Justin Winters 2008-2010
  • Drew Willy 2005-2008

14 Victories as Starter

  • Josh Thomas 2007-2010
  • Ray Norell 2006-2008
  • Kristjan Sokoli 2011-2014

13 Victories as Starter

  • Steven Means 2009-2012
  • James Starks 2006-2008
  • Jake Silas 2011-2014

12 Victories as Starter

  • Okoye Houston 2011-2013
  • Colby Way 2011-2013
  • Andrew West 2007-2009
  • Ronald Hilaire 2006-2008

11 Victories as Starter

  • Adam Redden 2011-2014
  • Derek Brim 2012-2013
  • Fred Lee 2012-2013
  • Raphael Akobundu 2008-2010
  • Ernest Jackson 2007-2008

10 Victories as Starter

  • Jasen Carlson 2011-2013
  • Jordan Jerrold 2006-2010
  • Brett Hamlin 2005-2009
  • Mike Thompson 2006-2008
  • Jake Stockman 2011-2014
  • Robert Blodgett 2013-present


Gold: Anthone Taylor: It's hard to replace a legend, so even when Anth1 was running for 150 yards, it wasn't impressive. Once he started running for 200 yards, you couldn't deny him, and the offensive line. The Quinn offense was predicated on running the ball into a brick wall, and no one did it better than Anthone Taylor last year, not even BO. With a senior QB and a new offense, and two other talented backs, I don't believe Anth1 will have as big a role in 2015, but for 2014, he was the engine that kept the car running.

Silver: Joe Licata: Minus a few bad interceptions, he had one of the best seasons under center at UB with new receivers. The team scored 32.27 points per game, 2 points more than the 2008 team's 30.29. If you add back missed PATs and FGs, 2014 had a potential for 34.73 points per game, while 2008 had 31.64. We should enjoy 2015, it might be a while before we have such stellar play on that side of the ball.

Bronze: Adam Redden: It is hard to appreciate anyone on the defense after their start, but Redden did his best Khalil Mack impersonation: 78 tackles, 14.5 TFL, 6.5 sacks and 4 Forced Fumbles.

Honorable Mention: Boise Ross: 1) Did you know he was named after, 2) Switching position mid-season is usually a disaster, for Ross it became a bright spot. A CB with the vision and hands of a WR he could develop into a star next year.

Honorable Mention: Jarrett Franklin: 49 tackles, 5 TFLs 1 Sack a FF and 3.35 GPA in Electrical Engineering.

2015 Schedule

9/5 vs Albany (7-5) - No I do not care about their CAA record. WIN 1-0

9/12 @ Penn State (7-6) - PSU beat Akron and UMass by a combined 69-10. UB beat those teams 96-45. Based on that UB is 27 points better on offense but 35 points worse on defense, but only an 8 point PSU advantage. You have to assume the defense gets better...and if LL Cool Coach stays vanilla in the Albany game, PSU will have very little tape on the Bulls to prepare for. I'm throwing this in as a LOSS 1-1 but don't be surprised if UB pulls it out.

9/19 @ FAU (3-9) - Speaking of the defense has to be better, we'll learn a lot in Boca. Owl QB Jaquez Johnson threw for a modest 2200 yards but also ran for 513 yards and 7 TDs. If Buffalo can keep Johnson in the pocket, and defend his passes, it will be a great sign for MAC play. WIN 2-1

9/26 vs Nevada (7-6) - The return of Polian and Hofher. Nevada will be without graduating QB Cody Fajardo and Nevada will come to Buffalo after playing the very physical Arizona Wildcats and traveling to the Hate Barn. I think if UB plays FAU-PSU-Nevada, we lose, but I think Buffalo gets this one on the merits of the more seasoned QB, playing more rested and being at home. Win 3-1

10/3 vs BGSU (8-6) - Knape or Johnson? For all intents and purposes, bad D, playing on the road, we beat BGSU last year. If it's Johnson, I think his mobility hurts us. If it's Knape I think UB wins. BGSU just has our number. LOSS 3-2

10/17 at CMU (7-6) - CMU should be on a rebuild, especially considering their coach bailed on them. WIN 4-2 (1-1)

10/24 vs Ohio (6-6) - UB always beats Ohio at home, that's a standing safety pick for me. Win 5-2 (2-1)

10/29 at Miami (2-10) - Miami is close and I'd gripe about the crappy MACtion giving us two games in 6 days, which is criminal, but it will help us, because Miami is also playing two in 6, and their first game is the much tougher WMU Broncos. Win 6-2 (3-1)

11/5 at Kent (2-9) - You think the Bulls are gonna have a little extra motivation after the Bermuda Truckangle? I do.Win 7-2 (4-1)

11/11 vs NIU (11-3) - The class of the MAC last time they were in Buffalo, a missed extra point cost UB OT. We'll play well, but NIU knows how to win more than we do. LOSS 7-3 (4-2)

11/21 at Akron (5-7) - Stop trying to make Akron a thing. Win 8-3 (5-2)

11/27 vs UMass (3-9) - Send our regards to the Sun Belt losers. Win 9-3 (6-2)

The top 4 teams in the east (Akron, BG, UB, Ohio) all play each other so the cross divisional matchups will be important:

Easiest Path: Akron: East top 4: 2 at home. Cross Division: EMU- CMU

Second Easiest Path: Buffalo: East top 4: 2 at home. Cross Division: NIU - CMU

Second Hardest Path: BGSU: East top 4: 2 at home. Cross Division: WMU - Tol - Ball (no Miami)

Hardest Path: Ohio: East top 4: 0 at home. Cross Division: WMU - NIU - Ball (no Umass)

Too Early Prediction: Book your tickets for Saturday November 21st in Akron, winner takes the MAC East.