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Women's Basketball record watch

UB Athletics

We're in the homestretch of basketball season, now. While each team is 6-4 and fighting for the best seed possible in the MAC tournament, we haven't spent nearly as much time looking at Bulls in the school record books as last year.

That will happen when Javon McCrea leaves, and when the bulk of the men's team is in only their second season with the program. But two of the three seniors on the women's team are closing out productive careers, and one junior, despite injuries, continues to move up the UB scoring lists.

wbb career scoring lists

UB's all-time scoring list doesn't remain stable for very long. Each team in the last 30 years has had at least one player who would eventually end up in the current UB top 15. Next year, though, the list is going to look a bit different.

Earlier this season both Kristen Sharkey and Mackenzie Loesing topped 1,000 points. Sharkey now sits at 1,121 and Loesing 1,093. By this time next week, #RightShark should be in the top ten, and has a real shot (154 points in 9 assured games) at passing Kochendorfer for seventh before she steps off the floor for the last time.

Loesing is down a bit this year, but still scoring at similar rates as Heather Turner throughout her stellar career. Conservatively, let's say another 90 points to run out the season, and Mackenzie is in the top ten a hair a few spots below her teammate, but with a full season to go.

Who knows how the continued ankle issues will sort out for Loesing, but a return to the 16ppg pace she played at as a sophomore would put her in shape for a run at Brenna Doty. Even a replica of this season, in which Mackenzie will still top 300 points, should get her above Brittany Hedderson.

wbb rebounds all time

As you can quickly tell, it's not just Sharkey climbing the lists this season. Christa Baccas isn't Kourtney Brown, but no one is, and on the defensive end, she's been a strong follow up to the all-time great, especially on this table and the next, which are a bit more stable than the scoring lists.

Coming into this season, Christa was already not more than a half-dozen games from the top ten, and has added 143 rebounds this year to move to 813 in her career and into the top five all time at Buffalo. With nine guaranteed games remaining, Christa is 83 and 92 away from numbers four and five on the list, respectively. It would be tough, but is possible; in 10 MAC games, the center has 89 rebounds.

Sharkey has also worked her way onto this list, now at 670 career rebounds, good for fourteenth at this very moment, but obviously #RightShark is poised to move up quickly. Let's ballpark in nine (+?) more games 80 rebounds, as well. That would give her a spot in the top ten, even accounting for Baccas ahead of her. Kristen has pulled down 95 in her ten MAC games.

wbb career blocksREAL

Interlude: Kourtney Brown AGAIN. Would that Bull Run covered WBB with today's gusto in 2010 and 2011.

This is how good Brown was: Baccas has had a whole season with only Kourtney to catch and it doesn't look like it's going to happen. For a stretch Christa needed to average between 2.5 and 3 per game to get there, but she's tailed off in MAC play.

The current center is now at 225 blocks in her career and would need an incredible spurt of 4/game to catch #1. Even so, she's well beyond #3, so there's a good chance she stays here for a long time.

Sharkey is also on this list, up to 12th (officially, I see that asterisk) just ahead of Janet Lilly, and nine out of the top ten. She'll likely finish at tenth or eleventh.

If she manages nine more rejections, Kristen Sharkey will join Brown, Tiffany Bell, and Jessica Kochendorfer (and knock out Jessica Fortman) as members of the UB top ten in points, rebounds, and blocks.

wbb career FTs

We're not done with Sharkey, just yet. Add 71 made free throws this season, and she's currently at #8 all-time, just a handful behind Heather Turner. And she's averaging 3.4 makes per game, so lets say 30 more this season, and we're talking top-5.

I won't pull out the table for this one, but Loesing is also up to 156 career steals, and will be in great shape to move up quickly next year. The top ten starts at 191, and the top five at 219. Mackenzie has averaged two steals a game throughout her career.

We probably won't have weekly updates, but we'll definitely keep you updated here, even if Kourtney Brown isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Go Bulls