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True Blue has come through! Keep it up.

The Athletic Department has put more effort into this season than any I can remember and current students have answered the call.

First they turned UB's late night Kent game into an event so awesome that David Brand, a former UB scholarship Athlete who attended the game, was blown away. He wrote that it was the kind of support he dreamed of back when he laced up for UB's hockey team.

Following Kent UB students piled into two buses drove down to Akron and then owned the Rowdies in their own Arena. The Bulls came away with a loss on the court against a very good Akron team, but the performance of True Blue drew praise from former Rowdies.

UB Athletics noticed a Bull Run community member post a comment which asked about a Kent trip. They sent along a note saying that they will do the student bus trips whenever there is sufficient interest.  UB students going to road games is considered to be an important way the department can support the schools student-athletes.

But before we discuss road games lets talk Toledo. #Operation6000 is on and the school is working hard to make the turnout against Kent our departments "new normal".

It starts with UB giving out shirts to the first 1000 students who show up. But if you're student 1001 or not a current student at all you can suit up with the Bull Run edition which is 18.99 at GameDayDepot (End Shameless Plug).

Free to the first 1K students 18.99 at GamedayDepot

The big money promotions are still going on. Every swipe at a mens or womens hoops game enters you in for free tuition and then there is the shot you may get for 10K at halftime. The free tuition lottery happens at the end of the season while the 10K is a one time thing, as soon as someone hits the shot the money is gone.

Oh and there is always Taco Tuesday! Part of the challenge getting kids to the Tuesday games is that after classes end they need to eat, or so I've heard. UB is offering a Taco Bar to students who show up early so that you don't have to go hungry in order to catch the basketball game.

You guys looked awesome when Kent came to visit. Sitting in Minnesota and watching the game I was blown away at how much that game looked like any other Big Time college hoops contest.